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Thread: What happened to Janice?

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    according to arduous means:
    Demanding great effort or labor; difficult............

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadedomega
    They can't kick her off the show, she IS the show!
    Ahh I second that
    Though I do admit she does seem to enjoy press attention which does get to me sometimes...

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    She said the same things about the girls in the previous two seasons, too. She just likes to talk, I think.

    OTOH, duh - it's not about really finding a supermodel. By contract law, they have to be at least 18 to participate.
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    Season one, I hated Janice.
    Season two, I couldn't stand her.
    Season three, I adore her.

    No way could they get rid of Janice. It would be like American Idol getting rid of Simon.

    I'd rather get rid of Tyra.

    EDIT: My favourite part of the article:

    It seems fitting that Ms. Banks would be the one to take the world of modeling to a mass audience. Her beauty, like Cindy Crawford's before her, is of an all-American kind. She is a pinup girl for the flyover states, more Sports Illustrated than Vogue, more Middle America commercial than metropolitan chic.

    In some ways she seems to have more in common with her show's striving contestants than her established peers, a down-home quality that suggests she'd rather spend an evening at Applebee's than at Davé in Paris.

    Ouch. Tyra just got called commercial. Not the edgy sophisticate Tyra she'd have us believe.
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    Janice was on VH1 Awesome Badder Girl....
    They say she is the reason people watch ANTM
    She's bad because she makes models feel bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quack-Wabbit
    Ouch. Tyra just got called commercial. Not the edgy sophisticate Tyra she'd have us believe.
    I don't think Tyra's ever made such an assertion, and notice that the article also states that she once walked for Chanel and Versace. Everyone knows that Tyra has a big ego, but I do actually admire her for accepting herself, realizing her current strengths, and generally being a good business woman. That's more than can be said for Janice, who is something of a has-been, though many of us think she's just super. (I've read her books and everything, so don't think I'm ragging on Janice.)

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