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Thread: Favorite Quotes

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate;2771384;
    WOW! I was actually gonna post some of those, but you beat me to it :nono
    Aww sorry

    I have some more:

    Tyra: Okay, ladies and gentlemen...-to Miss J- wait, which one are you?

    Kathleen: If the animal is already dead, then it's okay to make a coat out of it.

    Kathleen: I know, right?

    Gotta love Kathleen

    Jaslene: I have never been nowhere besides the hood and around the corner!

    Dionne: That's cool that's cool!

    Jaslene: We're bringing sexy back!

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Sireafi;2771301;
    Tyra: "Can you guys stand in front of me, I wanna say one more thing to you?

    Rebecca, I admire your emotion right now. It shows to me that this is something that's very important to you. Tiffany, I'm extremely disappointed in you. This is a joke to you. You've been through anger management. You've been through your grandmother getting her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition, and you go over there and joke and you laugh? This is serious to these girls, and this should be serious to you."

    Tiffany: "Looks can be deceiving. I'm hurt. I am. But I can't change it Tyra, I'm-I've been..."

    Janice: "Yes you can."

    Tyra: "You can't change what?"

    Tiffany: "I'm sick of crying about stuff I cannot change. I'm sick of being disappointed. I'm sick of all of this. I'm not..."

    Tyra: "You ain't sick of being disappointed."

    Tiffany: "Yes, obviously I am."

    Tyra: "No you're not. If you were sick of being disappointed, you would stand up and you would take control of your destiny. Do you know you had a possibility to win? Do you know all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? And you come in here and treat this like a joke? You come in here and say 'I can't read that'? You read ten times better than half of those girls over there!"

    Nigel: "You did."

    Nole: "You did."

    Tyra: "And you come in here with a defeatist attitude."

    Tiffany: "I don't have a bad attitude! Maybe I am angry inside. I've been through stuff so I'm angry!"

    Tyra: "Yes but that does not but this is not... Be quiet, Tiffany! Be quiet! What is wrong with you? Stop it!

    I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you? Learn something from this! You go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself because nobody's going to take responsibility for you! You rollin' your eyes and you act like this because you've heard it all before. You've heard it all before, you don't know where the hell I come from! You have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim. I grow from it and learn. Take responsibility for yourself."

    Damn this took forever to type.

    I dun think this is a quote, more of a speech!!

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Tyra: "Mr Jay said your photo shoot was harder than Ann, cycle 3."
    Natasha: "I remember Ann, she was one of the most beautiful girls."

    Natasha: "Yo, wind for my bitch!"

    Natasha: "Dionne and Jael are having a really hot talk. When I look at them I imagine two cats ready to jump on each other!"

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by reneealldeway19;2769739;
    Haha! BTW what is yo juggla?
    She meant jugular, but she said it like juggla

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Jaslene: I'm not your girl next door, but I'm the girl down the street in yo hood!
    "I miss Aimee...." "I stomp the KATwalk!"
    Danielle:"You see the sun see it rise. You see the Eiffel Tower, you hear the crows caw, and Nnenna's still on the phone!"
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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Anything Dionne and Natasha made me laugh, I think it was mainly there accents but it made it funnier than it actually was!!!
    And when Heather was staring at the TyraMail... funniest moment I've seen in a good while!!!

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    yaya: someone had the odesity(sp) to mutilate her precious brownies

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    tiffany: "that b**** poured beer on mah weave!"

    anchal: "melrose is such a b****. i tried talking to her but it doesn't work."

    miss jay to xiomara: "gurl... you look like you on crack!"

    renee: "i just want to beat these girls up, jason. i just wanna punch them in the face."

    heather: "hi pretty ladies.... and... tyra."
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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by littlshortdude1;2771693;
    Natasha: "Yo, wind for my bitch!"
    Omg..that one was friggin hilarious!!
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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    "It's getting HARD up in heeeeeeere" Tyra during Cycle 8 deiberation.

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