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Thread: Favorite Quotes

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    My top 10

    10. Amanda: "I look like an onion with ears."
    9. Nigel: *softly* "YaYa". Totally shut up her ranting about the hat
    8. Taye Diggs: "That was a cruel trick, Julia." Miss Amanda dying twice.
    7. YaYa: *screeching* "I'M ON THE PHHOOONNEE!!!"
    6. Janice: "She looks like a scarecrow.... CAW CAW"
    5. Simon: "She's dull slash very dull." Classic. I use it all the time!
    4. YaYa: "Some people think killing is funny." Who are these people, YaYa?
    3. Eva: "In y'all tall bitches faces!" Then does the lil' Eva jig.
    2. Kelle: "I was in denial about my snout, but now I know."
    and my number one favorite quote......

    1. Tyra: "Apologize to the hat."

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    Quote Originally Posted by tes
    Eva:There are so many beautiful birds though
    Ann:Yeah there are so many beautiful spiders too!
    Eva:Yo! Dont' blam me for that I was in a completely different zone!

    Ann:Fish scares me,I hate them,I would have an heart attact if I fall into a pile of..,Fish are gross *uhhh "she sticks her toung out!"* haha funny~!!!

    Ann:Mom!Tyra's scared of birds too,"it's okay!"
    When was that??
    I can't believe I missed it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    "nude me up"
    THAT’S IT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mika06
    My favorite was
    Marc Bower "We usually like a 35" Hip"
    Cassie "I think I'm right at that"
    Marc "39"
    Okay, I know this is a thread about quotes and I know that I may be crazy, but 39"???? Is that possible?

    Cassie seems much, much smaller than that. 34-35" at the most?

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    Eva: "Watch out world, here comes Eva!"

    Tyra: "Will it be Yaya, the Ivy League grad who's road to become a top model had more than a few bumps on it?"

    Yaya: "If there were anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included or comfortable, I don't think we would."

    Amanda: "I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France."

    Amanda: "I was serving up a piping hot plate of smile!"

    Eva: "I'm 5'7, but I dont have to be tall to be great!"

    Yaya: "The skirt was kinda see through. I didn't want to be disrespectful, but if that idea had been done in the States, it could look very...hoochie."

    Janice: "Japanda!" *to Amanda* Aww!

    Amanda: "I want to inspire people that have disabilities, or you know, shortcomings to just like, work through it and to find joy and everything." AWW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpfalconer
    Okay, I know this is a thread about quotes and I know that I may be crazy, but 39"???? Is that possible? Cassie seems much, much smaller than that. 34-35" at the most?
    She looks like 39" to me. Remember, they measure around the widest part, which is lower than some might think. (34" is more like Ann or Amanda.) And Cassie is very tall, so it's not as if 39" is huge on her in the real world.

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    Ann: "I'm gonna throw up from laughing so hard!!"

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Eva : "balistic mama...extra" on yaya screaming "im on the Phooo-aaaaaanne!!"

    Eva : "mmm mmm mmm in yall tall bitches face" *victory dance*

    Yaya : on solving cassies brownie mutilation "moving on growing up"
    and Eva's reaction.

    Eva - when she think shes messed up in the soup commercial in Japan and the
    next girl is up to shoot she says
    "go ahead break a leg fall off the ledge... please" hahaha

    Eva - when her shoe falls off when doing the anime motorbike shoot
    "ah!lost my rollin' down the street huney" classic

    Amanda : "Whats $10 to catch a b*tch?!"

    Norelle: "Step-monster" and "are we getting a divorce?!"

    Eva/Yaya/Norelle and Amanda had the best quotes...

    Eva definately had the best remarks love it hahaha

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    norelle : open a door in japan needs 5 minutes

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    Re: Favorite Quotes

    Lisa: Coryn, stop acting yourself like a moron.

    and Yaya talking about Respeito.. I so love that.

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