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Thread: Favorite Quotes

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTimeBear
    "Jennipher, you have a great body, but you looked like you'd had a quelude or something"
    Lingerie shop owner
    Judging by the look on her face, I don't think Jennipher even knew what a Quaalude was!

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    How about when Ann "mutilated the precious brownies" (Quote: SnowflakeGirl cracks me up!) and Ann stated it was a funny thing. Subsequently, Yaya says:

    "Some people think that killing people is funny. That doesn't make it funny."

    Okaaayy! I was laughing so hysterically at that one!

    Another: Yaya won the contest for running up the stairs the fastest and won a facial...
    Eva says:"The girl who needed a facial, got the facial."

    Now that's just cold. What if Yaya was to talk about Eva's flaring bull nostrils?

    Also, in regards to the brownie incident, Yaya said something along the lines of "How can you destroy her precious brownies like that?" Just that word, Precious, like the Lord of the Rings-the Precious!
    I have learned that gifts don't always come wrapped and treasures aren't always buried.
    - Bob Perks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kaos
    Another: Yaya won the contest for running up the stairs the fastest and won a facial...
    Eva says:"The girl who needed a facial, got the facial."

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    I think Eva has the best quotes every week, not just because I love her, but damn this girl is hilarious!!!!

    Eva: "The girl who needed a facial, got the facial."
    I don't think that was cold of Eva, but if you checked out the bonus clips this week you learned that Eva and YaYa have a little tension between them. Not beef tension, but like "who's the better bitch tension", moreso on YaYa's part.

    Oh, and I can't remember in exact words what Janice said, but the scarecrow imitation when she saw Ann's photo had me on the floor

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    talking on the phone with her dad:
    kelle: i don't have any intensity in my eyes

    if i was her dad i would have just been like "uh okaaaay"

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    "God bless the panel"
    -De Nilo

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    "I live with 8 other beautiful pigs" - Amanda

    "The person who needed the facial, got the facial" - Eva on Yaya

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    my turn again...
    I'll put in blod the ones I think are the funniest

    Norelle: Here's Captain (insert name here) again, HELLO LADIES...
    Eva: The person who needed the facial got the facial
    Kelle: The apartment is on 50th street and we're like in negative ten...
    YaYa: Respeito... [it cracks me up...]
    Eva: The elevator opens and everyone started jumping up and down saying YEY YEY YEY... ok why are we excited? its an obstacle course.
    Ann: We should have put EAT SOME CARBS
    Amanda: Trash, Trash, look at the Trash... *singing*
    Janice: It doesn't look like you're tired (To Norelle) it looks like you're in pain.
    Norelle: It wasn't me....
    Tocarra: Nicole didn't do it, Amanda didn't do it, Kelle didn't do it, and Tocarra didn't steal cookies from the cookie jar *start singing*, and Yaya didn't steal cookies from the cookie jar, and Norelle didn't steal cookies from the cookie jar......... I'll see y'all in dinner...
    Ann: I tried to fly.... I don't know if it worked
    Eva: Today's about strength, intensity, endurance....
    Kelle: Finally, something that I can do...
    Yaya: This is f-u-n-n-yyyy, oh this is just funnnnnnnny

    I'll add more later...

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    Cassie to Toccara:
    Who touches people food? It's like me sticking my hands in your chicken breast like this...


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    Kelle: "I actually own an art gallery."
    Janice: "Have you heard of expressionism?"

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