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Thread: The First Cut (is the deepest)...aka...the Swimsuit Edition

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    It was already discussed in another thread on this board, with a link to an article about it. It is partly post Janet Jackson nipple hysteria and part wanting to do something different by Tyra and Company.
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    No way is Cassie going to leave so soon. I hope it's Kristi, but I don't really know who it will be at this point. I haven't seen enough photos or enough of their personalities yet to make a decision, or even to pick a favorite. But Cassie has way too much potential over the other girls to leave this early in the game.
    I hope it's Kristi.....

    And I know all of you think Amanda is some kind of goddess (although I have no idea why), but someone needs to clue me in to what is so great about her besides her eyes. Yeah, he eyes are beautiful, but other than that...what? I don't think she's very pretty and seeing ribs is gross. I do like her, though. I just don't think she's got what it takes....

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    The best bodies for swimsuit? Norelle, Amanda, Ann, Magdalena, Cassie, Kelle, Yaya, and in her own way, Toccara.

    My guess: Kristi will go first, then Leah. I predict that Jennipher, Julie, Toccara, and Eva may also take sub-par pictures, but I can't make any confident guesses.

    The judging challenges (which I think are often dumb) could factor into the decision, too.

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