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Thread: UPN Has Been UPDATED!!!!

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    UPN Has Been UPDATED!!!!

    They're finally getting it together it seems. Info is still scarce on all the models, but it's getting there. Be sure and check it out, I imagine they'll put up more stuff soon.

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    Thank you for telling us, I was waiting for it to update, FINALLY!

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    Hey, we can take screenies now on the official site. yay.

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    Wow, check out the Top Model Insider, it has a lot of unair FOOTAGEs

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    Wow, looks like Covergirl is a pretty major sponsor eh?

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    I know. I'm watching some insider vid's right now, and it's CoverGirl everywhere!! Watch the Beauty Tip, at the very end the model looks at the camera after her makeup has been done and says "That's why I choose covergirl!" *cough* product placement much??
    Anyway these videos have brought me to a conclusion.
    I really don't like Ann. She comes off as sullen and nasty, and she hangs out with Eva, who is at this point reknowned for being rude and horrid. I was a little put off by Kristi's politics talk in the audition room, but she explains it further and I see the rest of how that conversation went. I just don't believe politics have any place in this sort of thing, but after she explained herself it was all good. She seems really cool actually!
    FYI: Norelle was talking about girls who had travelled and she said "I come from Kentucky, Alabama..." indicating one of the girls "talking intelligent." We may have a Jessica Simpson on our hands!!! But like Jessica, she's sweet enough, so I don't really dislike her too much. Except for the whole Paris Thing. Guuuugggggh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadedomega
    Thank you for telling us, I was waiting for it to update, FINALLY!
    Me too!

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    Cassie has it going on. Beautiful and intelligent.

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    Okay, I know I complained about the first "photoshoot" in one of the other threads, so this is the height of hypocricy. But is there a REASON why they didn't put those photos on the site? :rolleyes Is it because Jay is such a crappy photographer?

    One episode into cycle 3 and the producers are already working on my nerves.

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    Can they put their birthdays on there? I'd like to know what their zodiac signs are. Might explain alot about their personality. *wink* *wink*

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