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Thread: 9/22 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I'll catch the repeat tomorrow.
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    I really wish they had picked Tiffany to be in the final 14. So sad She deserved it more than miss PIGford, who I'm hoping will be the first to go!
    My top favs are still Amanda and Yaya. They're both beautiful and I really like their personalities. Kristi is kind of bleh still, but I like her a little more than I used to, and she doesn't look like a man on tv. I like Ann even less than I used to, mostly because if Eva is her 'kindred spirit', that can't say anything good about Ann. And her voice is really awful to listen to, but I guess that isn't her fault. I'm also really liking Kelle and Jennipher more than I used to and could see them going far, which could be surprising since they seem to be kind of under the radar.

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    I feel for Amanda because of her eye disease and all, but in reality, I just don't think she is that pretty. She seems to have a really sweet personality, and I think ppl automatically like her because she's "sweet", but compared to the other girls, I just don't think she is that pretty at all.

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    Re: first episode

    I liked the episode. What's everyone keep talking about, that the other plus size model is prettier thatn Toccara? That's not true. Toccara is waaaaay prettier and her body seems more firm, the other girl seems to droop.

    Most importantly YAYA is Nigerian!!!! Yay, she's my African sister. She said something about her dad speaking yoruba. Well that's my language too. I knew she was African(especially after I read that sweet plantain were her favourite food). That explains why she's so smart and so educated. I love how she's sweet too. If she were cocky I wouldn't like her. Pretty African Queen, just like myself. It's about time for us to shine. Actually we've being shinning, but most people just don't know about us. We have- Sade, Seal, Taye Diggs, Hakeem Olajuwon, the rich father in 'half&half', the black guy in 'Scrubs' and so forth and so on. Sorry guys, I know I'm going on and on, but I'm just so proud of Yaya.

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    I think she said her father is a Yoruba priest - does that make sense? She is beautiful. I hope her personality continues to shine, as well. She made a good impression last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AfricanQueen
    Most importantly YAYA is Nigerian!!!!
    Wow that's great I didn't pick up on that!

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