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Thread: Now that we've seen their faces...

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    Now that we've seen their faces...

    We were all so excited when the "jeans" photo was released. A lot of us - myself included - started picking favorites based on that photo. As I was looking through some of the older posts today, I started wondering how everyone did? Did you stick with your original choices or pick new ones?

    I originally picked Amanda (yes, even with the troll hair), Kelle, Kristi, and maybe Nicole. Now that I've seen them and heard them speak a little, I realize just how little you can tell about a person just from looking at her back.

    So now I've revised my choices. I'm keeping Kelle, Amanda, and Nicole, but I'm trading Kristi for Jennipher.

    How'd you all do?

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    I'm still not even sure who is who. LOL But I know Yaya is the one with the fro, and I didn't form an opinion about her, but knew she was prob. cute.

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    My fave from the Jean was Kelle and Norelle, but I have dropped Kelle for Amanda, Yaya, and Nicole. Norelle is still my number one favorite.

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    I picked my favourite as Norelle first off and have kept her as it I like Amanda now more than I did with only the troll hair showing.

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    I had Norelle picked first from the jean photo too! And yes she still remains.

    I also had Kelle.. but now I think about it, Kelle doesnt seem the same one from the jean photo, because the one in the jean photo had real broad shoulders...

    just my thought

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    Norelle Is my favorite and i think its gonna stay that way

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    What is troll hair? Are you talking about that crimped, yellow, long hair extensions that some unfortunate person got for their makeover? How do you know it's Amanda? I hope not. She was pretty with her auburn hair.

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    No I don't think Amanda's current hair colour stands out, she needs something different like rich deep cherry colour... I'm not sure about the troll hair, it could be good for a single photo shoot, but not anything else =/

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    Oh, I remember.

    I liked Magdalena, Norelle, and Nicole from the photo.
    Now, I like Magdalena, love Norelle and Nicole.

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    I really liked Nicole's look and she's still at the top of my list.

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