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Thread: The ANTM3 Poster: Close-ups

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    Right-side-up, this is truly frightening

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    Ya Ya

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    that is cool. I would do that too if i had one in the area.

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    EEEK! I didn't realize the photos were going to be that big. Sorry.

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    Hey all, I'm a lurker, very first post!! I just have to say "Yikes." I can see why that's a billboard and meant to be viewed from FAR AWAY haha, mosf of the girls look awful in that picture!!

    1. Amanda looks awesome. I'm not even that into her, but she's the best looking in that photo.
    2. Ann looks good, but a tad squinty?? I still think she's a tad plain.
    3. Cassie looks...nice. Just nice. Not phenomenal. But nice!!
    4. Eva looks like RuPaul.
    5. Jennipher should have flipped her hair to the other side. As it is right now, it looks like she has no waist and is thick through the middle which isn't right.
    6. Julie looks either very p*ssed, or very ill.
    7. Kelle looks shiny. Haha I don't really know what else to say. Too much face grease.
    8. Kristi looks like a man in drag or Traci Lords in CryBaby I can't figure out which. Maybe both.
    9. Leah looks terribly alarming right side up. But it is hard to be photographed upside down and not have your face look like it was melting off when the picture is flipped upside down, I know from experience
    10. Magdalena actually looks much better. She has a lovely figure but a very harsh face. Kind of Xiomara-esque in that it doesn't seem to photograph well.
    11. Nicole...does anyone else totally think she looks like Brittany Murphy from Clueless in this photo??
    12. Norelle...she looks malnourished. Not in the sense that she's too skinny but that her eyes are huge and the makeup makes them look hollow and her face is...she looks like she's been lost on a desert island for months eating squirrels or something. To me at least haha.
    13. Haha Toccara is totally crosseyed. It looks hilarious!! I actually started laughing when I saw it. She looks stoned off her a*ss.
    14. Yaya looks very good. She has a lovely face.

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    wow, thank you so much!! you rock!

    Norelle looks like a little goth girl, hehe. and you're right, Leah looks so scary right-side up!

    Ann really resembles Nelly Furtado in this pic! and yes, Nicole sort of looks like Brittany Murphy in her old days here!

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