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Thread: Unveiling America's Next Top Models!

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    Wow it was nice to see some of close and talking...Norelle's still my fav so far...but i hpe she doesnt get kicked out first cuz she has did no modeling...i also like yaya...i also find this yr they pcik some girls that were 180 they say 130 is pretty close to being a plus size model that u think 180 pounds...which i think is kewl...that they picked a bigger girl...we will just have to see how she does compared to the other girls who are 130 or less....but i do think they open there eyes maybe more to ppl that are bigger....
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    Nole is the new judge? Fabulous. I was hoping for Jay Manuel or J. Alexander, but Nole's just as good. Plus, we've seen J. in the previews... but what about Jay?

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