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Thread: Camara "Yaya" Da Costa Johnson

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    I think she could as well. But we just have to wait and see...

    Ahh and its funny that I'm saying it because I'm from New Zealand and I wont be seeing this show until its over but man I'm still excited! I'd be watching the clips from ANTM website and try to download episodes
    same here im from england so i wont be seeing them till its over in america! Ive just finish watching series 2

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    Yaya doesn't appear to be too short. She's got great legs and a very, very pretty face that should make up for any 'appearance' of seeming 'short.' There's a Getty Image shot that shows her legs and they are GREAT & long.

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    Yeah I agree with the comment made about her legs but her legs aren't matching her upper body which is kind of sad, because she's on my tip list. Anyway it could be the way her hair was pulled forward which makes her neck and shoulders invisible(automatically makes her look short)!

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    wearing that green top w/ denim mini she looks a bit short to me, mainly because of the footwear

    she's still my early favorite

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    i agree with most of the above stated thoughts. yes shes beautiful, my immediate favorite... i think she has lovely skin, a wonderful smile, i love her shape... shes wonderful. i think she could go far.

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    Can't see the Yayas from that back shot on Page 1 of this thread...

    ...Oh come on! Get that look off your faces! The reference was inevitable and almost wrote itself.

    also, I totally can't see what you guys see- she doesn't look short to me at all !
    Don't you recall? Janice Dickinson expects models to be like... 10 feet tall.

    Bio says she's 5'8", by the way. Most models are apparently 5'10" or taller. But maybe short is in this year. Amanda is also 5'8", Eva is 5'7", Nichole is also 5'8", Tocarra is 5'9", and Magdelena is 5'9'. And most of the others 5'10" exactly.
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    Man, compared to season one, the average height has definitly decreased!

    Anyway, I was also wondering, could she look short because she has quiet a largish (compared to other models) chest?

    In the photo where she is wearing that green top you could sort of notice that...

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    Right now I would say that she will win it all regardless of her height (or the "lack" of it). This girl just looks gorgeous.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    [QUOTE=FairytaleDREAMS]Man, compared to season one, the average height has definitly decreased!

    Anyway, I was also wondering, could she look short because she has quiet a largish (compared to other models) chest?

    They say: Good things come in small packages.' But seriously, I don't think that Yaya is short. She comes through with stature and finess!! She's got gorgeous legs that really are long and shapely and her face and eyes just stand out so much!!! All put together, she's got to be one of the top 3!!!
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    She's on my top 3, in fact shes rank second on my list after Norelle.

    Maybe she doesnt look short in other clothing, it could be just that one photo.
    I hope she makes it to top 3 in the show

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