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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel1680
    I am so sad I'll be missing ANTM this season..we just moved into a new house and don't have cable and my husband doesn't plan on getting it either At least I have the FORT
    Leave his butt!!!

    Seriously, UPN is a broadcast network so I don't think you need cable unless the picture is bad.
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    wow, saw that Yaya is going to be in a movie.

    You know, I bet Yaya and Eva are going to end up as actresses. I've seen Eva on TV and she can act and looks beautiful. Yaya, I don't know if she can act, but I don't see either of them staying as models for too long.

    TV or movies for these two.

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    Here's Yaya's "The Cut" picture for people who asked!
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    Thanks Milay .

    The theme of this shot was "Get out of my face" for those who didn't see the episode.

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    Oh very cool, thanks Milay!

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    Thanks Milay

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    Thanks for the picture of Yaya, Milay.

    I am so, so sorry I missed "The Cut." They changed the airing time without notice so many of us missed Yaya, modeling for Princess. I wish that episode would air again.


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    ya i was so surprised when she appeared! i was like hey she got a job!...and tv time! the show wasnt really focused on her so kinda bummed about that. but they did some close up on her face, not a shot but just to show what she looks like and she still has some break outs going on. she still also kinda had a very bad attitude aura around her if you saw it. but then again the shot was suppose to be a paparazzi shot. sad to say...BUT she still looks great overall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    Here's Yaya's "The Cut" picture for people who asked!
    OMG!! Yaya was already shown on "The Cut???" I've been watching that show every week, hoping to see some designers do their thing and wondering what models they would be using... and just to see the designers WORK with the models...then I miss the one that Yaya was on.

    Does anyone have any other pictures of YAYA during "The Cut" episode, besides the one Milay posted [thanks Milay]????

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    This might be old news, but new to me. I didn't know that YaYa had been signed to Ford Models.

    She wasn't a favorite of mine on the show, but I think she's beautiful and I'm happy for her. Way to go YaYa!!!

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