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Thread: Nicole Borud

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    I love the rich red color of her hair, It's soo funny how I said in the celebrity thread that she can pose as Lucille Ball and on the show Tyra said we are gonna dye you hair "I Love Lucy" red, i was soo happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you
    Its really cool how the eyebrows are also reddish that matches the hair.
    I know, I love that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS

    Aww I love this photo! This is my second favourite after Amanda's!
    The picture is good and Nicole looks more like an actress. I've just noticed that her hands are ugly (short thick fingers).

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    Now that you mention it, Nicole really does have stubby fingers.

    I love how adroitly she can switch from one look to another, though. And that her eyes actually convey something in her beauty shot. Not to mention she's also got the "Mona Lisa" smile thing goin' on. Her "post sex" comment was pretty cute, too!

    All sorts of lovely. Even though Amanda's picture was by far the stunner of the bunch, I think she's sort of one-note as far as expressions go - and Nicole definitely isn't.

    Serious contender, I say.

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    I think Nicole is one of the few people who actually looked great after her makeover.
    I'm really warming to her each week and think she has a great face.
    The new haircut really accentuates the angles of her face and the colour looks great on her.

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    it's amazing how many people predicted that nicole will be one of the first ones to go.. or put her on the " not very pretty " list. nicole is proving that she indeed has 'model-material' ^.^ she looks beautiful on both of her pictures, and so far the judges are not saying negative things about her!

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    I really *really* like nicole, in fact, I'd say she is probably my favorite out of the bunch... And I love the new look, but I have to wonder if it was a good idea or not for them to put her with this color. I mean, does it look great? Yeah, but how versatile can you be with bright hair like that? Not really much they are going ot be able to do I'm afraid. I think in the end, this might hurt her.
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    I don't think it will hurt at all. For one red hair fades really fast and hair grows...

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    Yah my top three at the moment are: Norelle, Nicole & (Amanda/Kelly)
    Saying that though, doesnt mean that I think those are going to be the top three - I have a feeling Nicole wouldnt be though I think it would be great to have her in top three!

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    I actually think that Nicole will go far. She hasn't gotten that much criticism and I think she'll sneak along until the competition narrows. Her pictures look great and near the end when they get more individual attention she'll get even better. Though I am worried about her hair fading and needing to be retouched.

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