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Thread: Eva Marcelle Pigford

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    Re: Eva Marcelle Pigford

    ^^ I agree, plus Yaya place in a good spot too.
    Tyra: Lets hear it for the 6 baddest chick in this competition. Now it's time to get on that private plane.. but guess what? you guys aren't top models yet. My judges are already stars, and they travel FIRST CLASS, PRIVATE. See you later, have fun on your commercial flight. (Tyra & Judges leave for the plane) See you (long pause) in Rome ladies (Final 6 models cheer) Chao Bella.

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    Re: Eva Marcelle Pigford

    This girl is my all-time favorite of ALL the cycles. She's so gorgeous and talented
    Own the Katwalk!

    All-time Favorites: Eva, Cycle 3
    CariDee, Cycle 7
    Katarzyna, Cycle 10

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    Re: Eva Marcelle Pigford

    Quote Originally Posted by lilymax1;2951612;
    OMG, I am watching a repeat of this cycle on MTV right now, and it's the first time I have seen it all the way thru.

    I cannot believe what a witch this girl is. From the start, she had a bad attitude and yet Tyra let her stay.

    She was totally two faced, acting all innocent and shy in front of the judges and that big cheesy grin appearing on her face when they praised her, then being a total witch to all the other girls.

    What an ego! And in such a not-very-pretty girl.

    Soon going to rival Saleisha for me as worst winner ever.

    (YaYa was robbed!)
    I agree. Her winning was a joke.. too short, too immature, too commercial...

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