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Thread: Ann Elaine Markley

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    As much as I like Ann, I think she or Cassie will be gone this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic277
    I thought Ann was a bitch this week when she threatened to tell Tyra about Cassie's eating disorder, Cassie's reaction to the brownie incident was overboard but Ann didn't have to go there. That said, I liked the fact she defended Kelle in her interview after Jay was a bitch to Kelle for no particular reason.
    That was really sweet of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ANTM-
    Kelle got screwed over in his hands - she WAS doing great for a while in the group Lee jeans photo, then they chose her strained neck one and she looked fugg and thus set the pace.
    You are probably right. If that was the case, I hope the Lord deals with that. I truly admire Kelle's outlook on the entire ordeal. I hope that she still tries to pursue modeling though.

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    I cant stand Jay. I wish he'd go far far away.

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    Ann and Norelle were my favourites from the start, based on their looks. Ann has got a killer bod and has great potential as a model, but her personality is a total turn-off. She needs to grow-up and put on some I.Q. points.

    While Norelle is also lacking in the intelligence department, at least she's not willing to do any mean-spirited thing to try and win the attention of an evil bitch like Eva (of all people).

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    I'm conflicted about Ann. I like her, and I really want to have her stun every judge with an awesome picture. She's gorgeous in the show, but she can't bring it efectively for the shoots. However, I don't find her to be a particularly decent person. I know the brownie thing wasn't a big deal, but I do find it indicitive of how she is in general. She did something, and when she saw that what she did wasn't being received as she meant it to be (as a joke) she lied about her involvement. Then when the confrontation went down, she told Cassie she was going to tell Tyra about Cas's eating disorder. All of that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Cassie just put me off when she said she doesn't want to be there anymore over and over again. Complain, complain, complain. Beside she looks so plain and not very nice to look at when not made up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    Something I was thinking about earlier (haha anything but work!). Anyway, I doubt they would let Ann win, even if she gave great photos, because if she is so scared of flying how would she attend fashion shows and interviews etc! They can't exactly ship her to paris for a fashion show, or bus her to some other state.

    Just a thought
    I think that was all an act to get attention at the beginning of the show. When she said, "Eva, I need you" she had an embarrassed smirk on her face, like yeah I know I look ridiculous I'm doing it anyway. I haven't met many who have been truly terrified and smiling at the same time.

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    Every time I look into another model's thread (Kelle, Toccara, Cassie, whoever), everyone's always saying how grorgeous and statuesque and what a goddess Ann is on camera. Why don't I see it? She just seems wholly average whenever I see her. I'd say that stuff about maybe Amanda, but not Ann.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Kelle asked Jay to let her know if she was not doing well in the photoshoot. Jay said that he was not going to baby her. Ann defended Kelle (in an interview segment) by saying that Kelle was not asking to be babied but just wanted to be told the truth.
    Then there was a shot of a crying Kelle confiding in Ann outside the trailer. This was actually part of the episode. You need to take better notes, nausicaa. :nono

    Quack-Wabbit: What can I say? Ann has interesting eyes, a patrician nose, beautiful bone structure, a tall, kick-ass body, innate sexiness and potential. I believe she's photogenic; she just needs to be more natural in front of the camera.

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