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    redlight 6/7
    i agree with most people that the last one is nasty. the rest are great and show great modeling ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seen&heardall View Post
    That last pic is disgusting IMO. Yuck too trashy.
    I agree. Her dress should be longer, or at least have not so skimpy underwear on. It's terrible. Almost anyone can take a picture like that, it doesn't really take modelling ability to do a picture like that.
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    I went ahead and removed two of the pictures for being just a little over the line for our site.

    I've seen most of these before, most likely in this thread. I know the ones with her red hair date back to pre-ANTM. A repost is okay after such a long time, but she was a little bare in that last shot especially.
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    awww... it's censored... not for underaged viewers I'm guessing..

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    Srange - she kind of creeped me out on the show... But now, her pics are really striking. She is definitely prettier than she was portrayed on the show. Again, this makes me wonder about th epics they chose - are they the best???

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    Quote Originally Posted by distress_damsel View Post
    Hmmm... I really personaly don't like Amanda on ANTM.... I think it was just so plain annoying cause she really doesn't have what it takes... She couldn't even walk properly or present herself as a model... Maybe I'm being a bit stereotypical, but to me she's just another blonde model wannabe... nothing unique...

    what she doesn't have the elfin ears? anyway, i found her very appealing and accepting of her situation and still hardworking despite it. and to say that she is another blonde model is more than stereotypical, it is dimishing of her talents.

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    The work she's done since the show is amazing.

    Also, she's getting ready to have her own Children's Books published?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivican View Post
    The work she's done since the show is amazing.

    Also, she's getting ready to have her own Children's Books published?
    I've also heard that she had a part in an indie film in England...not sure what it's called.....

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    i nevered really liked Amanda she never really showed that special something that i wanted to see in her. (500th post)
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    Quote Originally Posted by explodethisbody View Post
    I hadn't seen most of these before so I thought I'd post them. They're old, so sorry if y'all have seen them already.

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