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Thread: ANTM season 3

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    yeah i like #3, #5, #7, #10, and especially #12

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    I'm new, but I'm glad I've found this forum. I'm primed and ready for the third season.

    As for this lineup, seems none of the girls will have a problem getting naked. I guess they wanted to eliminate that problem straightaway. Of course if the girls don't expect nudity by now then I don't know... ?

    I can't wait to see what #4 looks like once she turns around. I can't imagine what kind of face could accompany that hair... although I like it in a way. I do.

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    #4 looks like a season 1 failure. her hair reminds me of this girl from episode 1.
    i just hope they are sexy.
    Season 1 was all about regular models
    season 2 was about sex appeal and personal style.
    what do you think season 3's theme will be?
    Well, she was Miss Tennessee State University from '95-'96, and i'm assuming she was 21-22 during her reign.

    Plus, I read on the boards that she was 29 and not 26 when she got on the show. So....
    yeah what is up with telling lies about their age and names?
    i mean it is suppose to be reality TV. We want to see regular people transform into stars.
    I mean what is the truth on these shows?
    I mean so far we know for sure they lied about Robins name,age.
    Mercedes name (well not for sure) Sara's name (the spelling part. Is it Sara/Sarah Racey/Racey-Tabrizi)?
    I mean is there some kind of identity theft.
    they should put this on Hollywood's best kept secrets
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    Cycle 1, cycle 2, cycle 3

    I still can't figure why they're refering the seasons as "cycles"?

    "season" fits better and parallels fashion's fall and spring "seasons"

    for some reason when I hear cycles I think of cattle call

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    My comments about the girls:

    #3 looks like she might be a knock-out.
    #4 is creeping me out. She kind of reminds me of that creepy little girl in "Feardotcom" all grown up.
    #5 has beautiful colored skin. It looks like dark cocoa.
    #7 reminds me of Tessa from Season 1.
    #12 I think might be asian.
    #14 Looks interesting. She might be asian too.

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    I'm pretty sure I like #9 and #12. Yeah, #13 sure is the plus sized one, maybe she'll be good, who knows. That blonde one looks sorta crazy.

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    Haha, #4 is a short one

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    yes!!! i cant wait i didnt even see that on the site!! thanks for the pic god i cant wait any one know when cycle 4 is coming out?? haha

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    i think #13 is the plus size and i think #4 in the shortest shes gonna go through what jenascia went through i bet

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    I love your pixelated sprites style avatar new member! So 80's arcade style. We have the same favorites (Shandi and Elyse). Welcome.

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