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Thread: Season 1, June 15th Discussion

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    Season 1, June 15th Discussion

    Eek!! This is fun I love hearing their voices. Kesse's voice kind of took me by surprise, but I don't know what I expected it to me, and Robin is country OMG Her accent is extremely thick. O.O!!

    I finally see Elyse -- I dunno, she looks really boyish. And GEEZ, I see why people say she's so smart. It's like one of those people you see on tv where they explain about all the metaphysicals of the diagrams of molecular structures XD XD

    Oh, it's pronounced Key-see? I've been saying it Kess-see

    Also, the girls look so unattractive? Like, Adrianne, Elyse, Kesse... they have these dark bags under their eyes and a tired "I've been chain smoking" look
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    Tessa looks like she smokes. She has this sullen look to her face. Nicole looks really different from her photos on the site. She looks really young whereas on the site, she looks way older.

    Elyse looked really boyish when they weighed them and she turned around XD I was like, wow, she looks really unfeminine.

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    She's like a fish...


    There's no accounting for taste, but I agree that Elyse did look surprisingly boyish and blah in many of her scenes tonight. Other times, she looked pretty hot.

    I would liken the situation to how a tropical fish loses most of its color and beauty when it's feeling stressed; the color and beauty return instantly when the fish relaxes. Despite what she said about not caring, Elyse presumably did care about making the final-8 cut and was apparently feeling stressed over other things, like the weigh-in or being an atheist in a group of mostly Christians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrian
    I agree that Elyse did look surprisingly boyish and blah in many of her scenes tonight.
    Remember that Elyse was not into fashion at all before this show. She went into this competition as a joke. Even in tonight's episode, we saw her say that she'd never looked so hot before in her life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrian
    Elyse ... was apparently feeling stressed over other things, like ... being an atheist in a group of mostly Christians.
    I seem to remember that the Christians were a minority, with one very loud, obnoxious member whom most sensible Christians wouldn't even call a real Christian. In the upcoming episodes, we'll see that a lot of the flareups and discomfort in the penthouse centered around Robin, who claimed to worship Christ, but who really worshipped herself and her own opinions much more.

    I can't wait for Elyse's "meltdown" in the confessional when she goes off on everyone in the penthouse. Anyone know if that's in episode 3 or 4 ?

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    dang i didnt know there was a semifinals cause i never saw the first episode i started watching ANTM on the second episode but dang i was taping it today and i went to get something and all of a sudden the vcr said stop so i quickly pressed record agen n it taped over the begging of the show!!!!! it must of rewinded!!!!! no!!!!!!!! some of the girls from the semi finals were pretty! especially Natlie!!!! now ill never see her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! damn vcr's

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    We're not going to do this, folks. The time for discussing the season 1 episodes was almost a year ago. We won't have "discussion" threads for those shows now, just because they're re-airing them.

    As always, this forum is in archives and is now for NEWS only, regarding contestants from either season. The time for regular discussion of these contestants and the shows is over.

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