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Thread: Met 3 of the girls in New York

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    Met 3 of the girls in New York

    I was in New York City on Thursday (5/20) for the day. I was walking with my wife to Grand Central Station to take the train back to our home in Connecticut when we passed this deli/market and I spotted three of the girls from America's Next Top Model 2 in line buying some food. I did not believe it at first. There are so many beautiful women in New York and many look like models and actresses (and they probably are). I waited a few moments and when the girls came out I was sure who there were and I asked if they would mind posing for a picture with me. No problem. My wife took it. It is attached. I look like a dork. I wasn't sure if I should put my arms around them or not so I just stood there with my arms in front of me. But you don't care about me. The girls were gorgeous. Very sweet. In terrific shape. Just amazing smiles. I thanked and told them I thought they were great and good luck. Nice moment... (earlier that day I saw Katrina from the Apprentice walking on Park Avenue in a cropped top that said Youre Fired...very pretty girl too). All in all a good day in the big apple. Anyone want a copy of the picture in higher resolution just ask and supply your email.
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    Wow, that is so cool! I am so envious of you right now! And no, you don't look like a dork. It's funny how in NYC, you can just bump into a celebrity on a typical day. The girls look amazing! Thanks for sharing and welcome to FORT.

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    Great Story! Congrats on your encounter, and thanks for the pic!

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    They are SO hot. Jenascia in NYC? cool

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    That's a pretty neat brush with "fame", veritas!

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    well .. that's great .. thank you for sharing !

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    Wow, thanks for sharing! Too bad you didn't get a Katrina pic too.

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    Thanks VERY much for sharing!

    You're so lucky, you met some of the most popular girls from the show!!

    Gosh, I'd cry my eyeballs out if I got to meet April (Not really, but I'd be really, really excited )

    It's also good to know that April, Mercedes, and Jenascia are friends still All 3 girls are just as ravishing as ever --

    P.S. What was April holding? Looks like some sort of statue.

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    Aww, what a nice picture! Very cool that you ran into them.

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    Ekkk, I wish i would run into them when I go to New York, even though I would have to run into a store and buy a camera hehe to take pictures. Congratulations . I want to meet April!!!
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