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Thread: 5/11/04 America’s Next Top Model Special: The Runway Ahead

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    "Michael sometimes thinks it it appropiate to talk like this, says Michael"

    i think if they would not have added the "says shandi" part, it might have been ok.
    but now its just wrong.

    I am kind of angered that they did not announce when magazine appearances will be.
    They didn't even do it for Season's 1 winner for Marie Claire featurette

    Can't wait for Stuff,FHM and can't forget Maxim

    DJ, that's because they're trying to coerce you into subscribing to the magazines . . . they're all in it together, you know, the networks and the products, et. al.--probably all owned by the same overlord mogul or something, and we, as potential consumers, unite them in all their brilliant, evil glory.

    SFG, excellent recap!!! After watching Season 1 this summer though, you may have to give Elyse co-title rights with Jenascia as the snarkster queen.

    And the Sarah-rotisserie comparison . . . one of my favorites to date.

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    Does any one have season two tapes? I am willing to purchase them!

    Hey! I'm new here. Saw that a few people hate Catie's hair. Well I love it, and can't find photos of it on the web. Want to purchase the entire season so that I can check it out and show it to my hairstylist. Thanks! Send me an email, or drop a line. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the fort. You can look through the threads for pics of Catie, there are some runway shots in the Fashion week thread, whichever that one is. Good luck!

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    As ALWAYS Snowflake Girl... it was great reading your recap!!!
    Until next year everyone!!!

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    I'm new here too! Thanx SFG for yet another wonder recap!

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