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Thread: Season 1 Contestant Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by socalqt
    Fake Bake is when lay in a tanning bed not the actual sun. The first episode said that the damage she was doing to her skin was not good and it could hurt her chances. They told her to stop tanning in the Cancer Coffins
    well, she tans a lot don't mean she lays in a tanning bed
    may be she just expose to the natural sunlight...

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    First off, Someone asked what fake bake was so i was telling them. Secondly, Shannon herself said that she went to the tanning salon I wasn't making things up. I too have visited them. I work long hours and can't always get out into the sun but when I do go out there I don't want to be butt white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by withoutasol
    i think in one of the episodes she was smoking with some of the other girls outside the apt. maybe i was mistaken- it was her or nicole.. i dunno
    lets just say it was Nicole. haha

    socalqt did explain that Shannon was doing a fake bake.
    she did.
    no need to start any arguements.
    i hope she stopped.

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    Kesse hosts Spring Fling

    Kesse hosted the schmoozefest/fundraiser, "Spring Fling", on April 2 at the Croton Lounge in NYC. No pics of her yet, but you can look at the event poster at the following link:

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    omg christians don't smoke? *sarcastic laughter*

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    New Article on Elyse....

    The April 13th issue of The Electric New Paper has a long article on Elyse:,57605,00.html

    Or for those who can't spare the ATP to shift their mouse and depress the click button, read on:

    The New Paper - 13 Apr 2004

    So smart, but so dumb in love

    By Jeanmarie Tan

    S the smartest chick on the reality TV series America's Next Top Model, Elyse ASewell sure is dumb when it comes to picking boyfriends.

    In last week's episode, she won a reward challenge which allowed her beau, Marty Crandall - the keyboardist of indie band The Shins whom she's been dating for three years - to visit her in New York.

    Expecting a hunk instead of a hobbit, viewers were instead shocked to see a man who was shorter than her, had a double chin, and makes American Idol 3 finalist Jon Peter Lewis look like Brad Pitt.

    You'd think he'd consider himself the luckiest guy on earth to be able to snag a babe like her right? Wrong.

    'I just broke up with him, because he cheated on me when I was in Japan!' Sewell, 21, said indignantly over the phone from Los Angeles.

    'He's trying (to make amends) but I don't think I'll take him back. So I'm single, baby!'

    Girl, you definitely deserve someone better - and better-looking. Like a hot male model perhaps?

    'I am SO not into male models,' she protested. 'I've met some cool ones, but none were boyfriend material.'

    Well, at least she still has some sense in her. Sewell, who completed two degrees (biology and Spanish) in three years, stood out on the show as the brain among the bimbos. In fact, her 'intellectual superiority' and dry wit haven't been blunted over time.

    On the show, Sewell appeared to be more interested in chasing her dream to be a doctor - and that is still her master plan today.

    She deferred medical school for a year and starts her studies in July.

    After the show concluded in the US last September, the final five girls were offered contracts with Wilhelmina Agency, so Sewell has been modelling for tuition cash.

    She explained: 'I couldn't do this for the rest of my life... I do it for fun, for the money and to see the world. And the perks are that people treat you well, and you get free club entry and free drinks.'

    Incidentally, Sewell never even considered modelling until the TV commercials and casting calls for America's Next Top Model came out.

    In fact, the gamine waif was tomboyish as a child and not exactly the prettiest in school. 'Growing up, I never tried to look good. I was nerdy, awkward and, unfortunately, not popular with the guys.'

    She signed on for the show as a lark, 'because living in Albuquerque, you never get casting calls for shows - ever!'.

    'When (show producer/creator) Tyra (Banks) called my house and told me I'd got in, I was surprised and confused because I had completely forgotten about it, and I never knew what a big deal the show could become.'

    Or how much the editing could bring out the worst in all the model wannabes - not that Sewell minded.

    'I think it was (the real me). I like that they were uncensored with me, but they showed all the bitchy things, like my little rants in the second episode and the cussing.'

    It also seemed that while she kept her friends like fellow contestant Adrianne Curry close ('we still talk all the time, we have the most similar personalities and we clicked right away from the start'), Sewell kept her enemies closer.

    When asked who she wouldn't want to be holed up with in a hotel suite again, she named Giselle.

    She said: 'It came out after the show that she instigated the whole eating disorder thing, so she's all about backstabbing.

    'I would've said Robin, but we just did a trade show in Chicago together a few days ago, and she's changed! She's become more laidback.

    'The first thing she said to me was 'Let's put it behind us'. I never thought she'd say that, so I'm fine with her now.'

    Is she really anorexic?

    SO what's the skinny on Elyse Sewell's alleged eating disorder?

    Pale, thin and flat as a runway, the 1.77m-tall Twiggy-in-waiting was the lightest contestant at 52kg.

    The girls balked when she ordered oatmeal instead of pizza, accused her of being anorexic, then claimed they overheard her throwing up in the toilet after meals.

    Sewell said that all the rumours were 'not true at all'.

    'Adrianne admitted it was a stupid thing, that it was all about competition, and apologised that she egged the others on.

    'I wish I had known what they were saying at that time, because we had mikes on 24 hours a day!

    'I would've told Giselle, 'Why don't you ask the mike guy (whether he heard me vomiting)?' and it would be solved very simply.'

    So why was everyone so obsessed with her skeletal frame and eating habits?

    Sewell explained wearily: 'In the US, it's a very hot issue, because being overweight is very much a problem, so people are hypersensitive about it.

    'People didn't want to see Tyra as someone who advocated eating disorders. And then you have catalogues and magazines being praised for using the heavier girls, the 'real' girls, and I think that's discrimination.'


    But for all the confidence she possesses on the show, Sewell confessed her one big insecurity - her catwalk.

    'I felt a lot more confident before (joining America's Next Top Model) because people's opinions didn't matter - how you looked, walked or dressed.

    'But now, I'm surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world who take my breath away, so it's easy to feel insecure.'

    America's Next Top Model is showing over Channel 5, Mondays at 10.30pm.

    Copyright 2004 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    'I wish I had known what they were saying at that time, because we had mikes on 24 hours a day!

    'I would've told Giselle, 'Why don't you ask the mike guy (whether he heard me vomiting)?' and it would be solved very simply.
    wow they dont see to be good with english
    i thought it was "mic" short for microphone. not the mike guy as if it was mike's boyfriend
    just bored

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    Thanks LizardKing for finding yet another article featuring Elyse! You and Pleightx sure do find a lot of new material, and you both sport some fabulously amusing avatars. The helmet thingy with Mini is priceless Photoshop work!

    Please don't get me wrong, this might seem like a harsh generalization but in response to DjDeluxay's remark, the English language and Asians don't seem to go well together. I've been told with some some of the Asian languages (Japanse, or was it Chinese) there is a very big problem thinking in English. For illustrations see this amusing site:

    Japanese English, aka Engrish:

    One of my favorites:

    with the weird double negation "It isn't possible that it is possible to open a window at the guest room (on the safety)"

    I had a pen pal once from Japan whose English was just as bad as the examples on that site.
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    That's so mean, writing that she's "dumb in love." Being cheated on could happen to anyone, regardless of how you look. I wish her well in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    That's so mean, writing that she's "dumb in love." Being cheated on could happen to anyone, regardless of how you look. I wish her well in the future.
    I agree.

    Well, the romance languages are very different from the Eastern languages, and therefore difficult for Asian people to learn. (It works the other way around, too. My Japanese is very poor.) I also think part of it is that the Japanese, for example, like to use English a lot even with only a limited understanding of it. English slogans and such are very fashionable over there... And that wasn't totally off topic! Sorry.

    In any case, I could understand the article and that's really all that matters. I like how Elyse is not afraid to tell the media why she and Marty are no longer together. Now, if only I had a way to find the pictures she modeled for in Japan... (On Japanese news stands, all the magazines are plastic wrapped. )
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