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Thread: who got signed

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    I am actually a reader of Kristen's and her tidbits are almost always right. She gets the juiciest gossip. I am not saying I believe everything I hear (I'll believe it when I see it) but her information is many times true.

    I also agree on the "Yoanna Diva" bit because I noticed early into the show she would kinda talk about people and sometimes the manner that she spoke was divalicious.

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    I think Tyra and the judges made the wrong decision. I theink they picked Yoanna strictly off of her face (great face) but she looks like a knock-kneed broom walking down the runway. Her walk is horrible and has not improved. And her head has swelled to the size of a blimp. And I can't see why. She probably only walked in those shows because of her winning. Shes horrible.

    The IMG Models site is under construction. if toy got to the main site ( I and got the the "areas of buisness" page is hasa little symbol by the Fashion page that says under construction. I didn't know that IMG was an agency for more than just modeling.

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    sorry for the crappy typing

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    haha are you just basically saying Mercedes should have won because you liked her?
    I did see alot of potential in Yoanna but she was on and off. Strangely Adrianne was at first. but she picked up the beat and got far

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    About the alleged Diva blossoming with the win of ANTM2: I have no reason to have a certain opinion. What I can tell is for those doubting it - if you have the episodes recorded, watch the Betsey Johnson walk/personality contest once again. When Shandi is declared the winner by BJ, Shandi recieves the usual "Ah, Shandi!" from the girls. To get to the point, the camera cuts to Yoanna's facial expression. Observe her face, that is all I am saying (no need for words). I am not saying that it indicates that she's a Diva, but it indicates that she thinks that she should had won that particular competition or that Shandi really shouldn't had won that (anyway, I think it indicates that she's a sore loser, but so are many people).

    And yes I realize, by looking at this thread's title, that the discussion is off topic: Will someone please post some confirmation of who got signed etc.!

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    i agree the dicussion is off the topic and it is completely nerve racking.......well not really but it is about who is getting signed and continuing on to make big names for themselves. so who got signed? that is the question not whether yoanna is a diva or not. who cares?

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    Because someone thinks s/he should win something and makes a face of disappointment or whatever does not make that person a diva. Because Kristen, a gossip columnist, calls someone an uberdiva does not make that person a diva.

    E reported (and apparently Kristen) that Shandi signed with IMG. This may or may not be so. We will find out in the May episode.

    I hope that Shandi did get signed because I think she has real potential.

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    Sara + Jenascia

    I Can't WAIT to see The Show of ANTM2 in May!!! I'm so excited! I hope that Sara + Jenascia get signed! Sara should definitely get signed because it's her dream, she's modeling material and can work the runway!! I don't think Jenascia will get it because of her additude and swearing but i want to see her on the runway with sara!!
    oh well lets see!!
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    Mercedes signed to Elite Models.
    it is a very commercial agency.
    i just wanted to put info up about mercedes and i really hope she signs.
    everyone is saying everything about everyone but here.

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    i want to hear about her too but i am pretty sure that Elite is not the place any upand coming model right now their own models are trying to get out. it used to be a powerhouse agency in the early nineties but now there is alot of legal suits being filed against them. a quote from an e-zine:


    The model agency that launched the careers of NAOMI CAMPBELL, CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, CINDY CRAWFORD and AMBER VALLETTA has filed for bankruptcy, blaming expensive lawsuits.

    The ELITE MODEL AGENCY's fate now lies in the hands of a New York state judge, who has arranged a Friday (20FEB04) hearing to decide whether a receiver should be appointed to oversee the company's finances.

    Among its many legal problems, Elite - who were set up by JOHN CASABLANCAS, the father of THE STROKES singer JULIAN - paid out $4.3 million (GBP2.4 million) last month (JAN04) to VICTORIA GALLEGOS, an ex-employee who was sacked after complaining about the cigarette smoke in Elite's New York offices.

    Elite founder MONIQUE PILLARD says, "We are fighting back. We are fed up with these outrageous lawsuits. Now we can get back to running our business."

    The agency has approximately 350 models on its books and is the fashion world's top model management firm.

    19/02/2004 21:20

    so i doubt that very much.

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