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Thread: News of Elyse

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    Sharp Tongue, Cutting Edge," The Stratis Times, 4/12/04

    IT IS very easy to knock Elyse Sewell, the resident bitch on the reality show, America's Next Top Model.
    She holds two college degrees and plans to go to medical school - a fact that the show keeps harping on. Plus she always has something negative to say about the other girls.
    But the 21-year-old is not apologising for her behaviour. 'A lot of the girls on the show have said, oh, it was edited so badly, and it just looks so bad,' says Sewell in a phone interview from her current home in Los Angeles.
    'But you know, I can't deny saying all those stuff.'
    In reality, the Albuquerque native, who joined the show for a lark, is just as honest, but a lot less scathing.
    'I don't really have anything horrible in my past for you to uncover, so don't get your hopes up,' she says jokingly.
    It has been almost a year since the first season ended in the United States and she has spent that time modelling. She heads off to North Carolina in June to study medicine.
    In retrospect, she admits to being very embarrassed about how bitchy she was, especially for her 'intellectual superiority' claims.
    While she professes no love for some of the other girls, especially Giselle, Robin and Shannon, she is still in contact with Adrianne Curry.
    'I did say a couple of bad things about her and I apologised and she understood,' she explains.
    Curry also did her fair share of bad-mouthing in last week's episode, spreading rumours about Sewell's alleged eating disorder.
    Which was untrue, says Sewell. 'I think the way that came up on the show was definitely borne of competition. Adrianne even confessed to me that a big part of it was her perpetuating the myth and she apologised.'
    Soft-spoken throughout the interview, Sewell also said the producers twisted certain things.
    Tonight's episode shows Elyse expertly navigating through the Paris subway system there, and conversing in French, while the other girls struggle to get their bearings.
    What they left out was the French lessons the girls took prior to the trip. Alas, none of the other girls paid any attention.
    She also just broke up with boyfriend and musician Marty Crandall, who made a guest appearance in last week's episode.
    'He cheated on me when I was in Japan so he had to go.'
    Currently finishing her one-year contract with Wilhelmina modelling agency, there are plans for her to do one more show.
    'They are even talking about Singapore, so I might be in Singapore soon,' she teases.

    The entire article.

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    i just had to say this even though we know this isn't her.
    but from the side view, this looks like Elyse.

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    I still don't get why people love Elyse so much. She seems like such a bitch.

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    Not sure if anyone subscribes to Rolling Stone magazine but in the most recent issue (one with Uma Thurman on the cover) in the back section there is a place for advertisers and there is an ad for a educational business and Elyse is in the ad. I would post the pic but I have no way of getting it from the magazine to the computer. If you get a chance check it out it is like the third to last page.

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    Hey, that's interesting seeing Elyse do so many different kinds of things.

    Are you sure it was Elyse? There seem to be a lot of lookalikes (especially of Shannon and J. Alexander! )

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    I really hope she's not serious about going back to school

    She can study medicine later, she is still young (modeling has a best before date though, she can't go back to modeling in 10 years time because she's been thinking through the years: "I wonder if I could had made it anyway"). Perhaps she doesn't like modeling as much as she thought she'd do (or clients don't like her, or the agency). Anyway, I really hope she doesn't give up on modeling just yet. Remember, when being eliminated in the last episode, she said that she'd go straight back to school and that modeling wasn't for her (seeing that made me shed a tear), and still she reapeared as a model. Perhaps she's just being ironic Elyse style, who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Hey, that's interesting seeing Elyse do so many different kinds of things.

    Are you sure it was Elyse? There seem to be a lot of lookalikes (especially of Shannon and J. Alexander! )
    If it is not Elyse then it is her twin that was seperated at birth.

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    whether she trades the runway for med school, I'm still impressed, she doesn't have the "sex" appeal of a SI model but she's got BEAUTY and whatever she decides i'm sure she'll succeed

    don't expect her looks to fade, she could be the only model on the runway with a PhD.

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    oh i have seen the sexy side of her in alot of her photos.
    she can be sexy. I know alot of people and i am not saying that this is what i think your opinion is. But alot of people think she isn't sexy just because she is skinny. It's kind of funny. you can't be too fat or too skinny. haha but i consider high fashion and sexy or high fashion sexy.
    i mean she just says "im sexy so love me" with her eyes. AND without Tyra teaching her

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    I think Elyse had something that really none of the ANTM2 girls had, versatility. She has the killer body that a runway model needs - like Shandi and Catie (to some extent). Plus her photos turn out pretty nice. She "talks" with her eyes. Something Tyra talks about a lot. Elyse's "snake" photo and nude shot were stunning. The intensity in her eyes connected well with the photographer.

    And as shown in her body of work, she's done edgy fashion as well as mainstream, commercial stuff.

    As much as I like this year's girls I really couldn't call them versatile. Each girl was strong in just one (or at most two) arenas. Yoanna, face beauty shot. Sara, SI swimsuit model. Shandi, runway. Mercedes, commercial, etc... I'm not saying they couldn't do the other things, it's just not their strong suit.

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