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    Sue Wong

    are those dresses not absolutely beautiful?!!? i wish i could have one! theyre exactly my style. the first one yoanna has on in the show is amazing!

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    Agreed, they are heavenly
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    maybe a little too light for yoanna but i liked the style

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    Sue Wong dresses can be found in all the better department stores (Nordstroms, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Ave., Macy's, Nieman Marcus, etc). While I don't know for sure about this particular line, Her dresses are usually fairly affordable, $250.00 to $500.00 range (that's not cheap, but for a dress for a very special occasion, it's reasonable). I have a feeling though that this line may be more, as it seems a step up in detailing (the exquisite beadwork and embroidery) than previous lines I've seen from her.
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    I have a Sue Wong dress! its black and its GORGEOUS. I bought it for about $ was 70% off!! I know that's not cheap, but it's seriously gorgeous. I got it at Loehmann's (its like a place where they sell department store stuff discounted, similar to Ross or TJMaxx or other places like that) in Beverly Hills. And, the upper part of the dress does have exquisite embroidery and beadwork, like Chorita mentioned.

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    i think 100$ is pretty cheap considering thast i figured they would be bout 500 and up.. i want one!

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