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Thread: ANTM3 winner is ...*spoiler inside*

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    ANTM3 winner is ...*spoiler inside*

    caution: racial discussion ahead

    my gut feeling is the ANTM3 winner will be black or a minority because it would appear unPC to have 3 white girls win. I'm not saying this because I'm PC but keep in mind that UPN has many show with black casts. (infact isn't the line-up before ANTM all black sit coms?) Anyhow here's why I think they haven't chosen a minority yet BUT are about to:

    season 1: Tyra (black) and UPN (lots of urban shows) chosing a black winner = the show would appear fixed

    season 2: this time they were to choose a minority winner (Mercedes) when they realize Adrianne sorta fell off the radar screen and they needed a more versatle winner / spokes person, Yoanna was their best choice, also there was lots of talk about April's ethnicity, setting up for season 3

    season 3: it's time to represent minorities

    season 4: maybe a plus-sized girl or a convincing drag queen, or both (i know I'm weird, sue me )

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    This isn't a spoiler. I think it qualifies as speculation.

    Race has nothing to do with the fact that Mercedes lost. Janice has been saying for a while now that she wanted an exotic looking girl to win. Because Tyra is a black woman you assume she would automatically choose Mercedes to win. You obviously don't think very highly of Tyra to be making such racist comments and attributing them to her.
    Maybe they didn't choose Mercedes because the judges assume she will be dead in a few years. I know that sounds crass and I apologize, but it is just as ludicrous an excuse as all the other conspiracy theories I've seen here recently.
    Last time I checked Yoanna and Mercedes were both working at LA fashion week. Why does it matter that Mercedes came in second? She obviously has the skills to get work without the ANTM title. You can theorize all you want it will not change the fact that the judges picked Yoanna, and only they know why.

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    I agree that the 3rd winner will most likely be a minority.

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    And isn't Yoanna half Mexican?
    I thought that is where her first name came from...

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    yoannas mexican and canadian n i hope a black girl wins season 3! season 1 i thot kesse or robin shuda one then season i thot jenascia or camille shuda won (no xiormara cuz shes ugly) so i hope there smore black girls in season 3 cuz there was only 3 in season 1 and 2 in season 2

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    I think UPN and Tyra does a pretty good job of picking the girls. This season they had April, Xiomara, Camille, Sara and even Yoanna. I think Bethany too is mixed or something, I dunno. But I think they do okay putting a good mix of girls in the competition.

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    Yoanna may be half mexican but im sure anyone who looks at her considers her to be white so I doubt anyone counts her as a minority. I also agree that season 3 most likely a minority will win. I wouldnt count out that speculation. Very few things in life are totally fair and yes maybe even tyra has her own motives. Im also sick of this whole "exotic" word to anyone who isnt white. Ive heard Mercedes being called exotic and there is nothing exotic about her. She is very cute and has dimples. To me that equals a girl next door face.

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    nah man...april shoulda..won...because...she has the drive..and the talent....she's gifted..she can act...too..but i still think april..shoulda won...beacuase she has the look...and the body...

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    you know the more i read about all of it the more i come to the conglission that none of the girls had it 100%. in my oppinion Yoanna was the best bet and Shandy. but one had to work on the body another on her walk. but Yoanna was the most elegant and classy looking out of all of the girls. Sara in a 100% Victori's secret girl - very sexy and sentual, loved her. i am hoping that next time they have better looking girls. black, white, mexican, asian and so on. hey where are all the gorgeous russian girls? i just want to see some glam faces and the only one was Yoanna. i thought she would win. Mercedes in not a model matereal, she's very commercial and bubly.

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    I don't care what the race of the girl is as long is she is the best for the job. She could be purple for all I care as long as she is the best.

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