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Thread: Hello I am new here :) How is everyone

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    Hello I am new here :) How is everyone

    I saw a while back that Adrienne from last year posts on here from time to time. I was so proud of her when she won. I didnt like Yoanna as th winner...Mercedes should have won in my opinion......And Sara should not have been cut so early.

    I wonder what direction the show will take next season....So far the photo shoots have been awesome.

    Any one have any new news on Adrienne? How is her career going...I haven't seen her in any ads that I can think of......

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    Welcome fellow fashionista! iM doing fabulous, thank you for asking
    I, too, am ahuge mercedes fan and believe she should have won but its all good, i think all the girls have the hook-ups now and can continue to pursue their career.

    I was not really an Adrienne fan, but i really dont think shes done anything lately. Maybe someone else can answer that..

    pardon the strange smilies.. im just testing them out lolol

    Hope you have fun in this world of confusion and big hair.
    C' tutta una vita in un'ora d'amore.

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    Missy She!

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