View Poll Results: Would you watch a male version of ANTM?

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  • Ewww, no. Y chromosomes are icky!

    5 10.00%
  • Maybe...might tune in once or twice out of curiousity, but don't think it would be as fun.

    16 32.00%
  • HELL YEAH! Make sure there's a hot oil wrestling photo shoot!

    29 58.00%
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Thread: Would you watch a male version of ANTM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by withoutasol
    id watch it... especially any underwear episode they have- omg. i'd lick the tv screen
    Posting: For shame, for shame!
    (Thinking: I'll have to buy more Windex to clean my TV screen. )

    Anyway, I would watch it and see how interesting it can be.

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    haha i wonder if they'll get a plus size male model- if there was a market for the plus size male model i'd do it

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