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Thread: Who's Finale Party outfit do you like the most?

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    I really think the vast majority of the outfits are ugly but if im just judging on outfits and not who looked the best overall i would say Xiomara, Anna, and Nigel's wife

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    i think mercedes and sara look great. i'm not so sure about sara's boots though. catie needs to get off the hooker style. yoanna's body looks a lot better.

    i miss the show already!!

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    Did Mini run away from April when he saw her outfit ?

    My favorites:
    Shandi, April, Jenascia, Yoanna, Mini , Xiomara

    I'm really disappointed with Catie. Jay M's just looks plain ugly like a high school drama costume

    Some notes: Bethany really covered up this time
    Anna is really pretty I'm sad she got eliminated this early

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    1. Mercedes looks awesome without being to ho-ish. It is a good look for her.
    2. sara and jenascia look equally adorable.
    4.shandi looks exactly what he personality personifies cool and laid back.
    5.i've seen better pictures of camille and tho she has a bad attitude she looked nice definetly top 5 material this night.
    6.yoanna looks a tad boring but nice.
    7.xiomara she just exudes strength and this outfit gave her that feminine without being too feminine appeal. it worked for her.
    9.heather as she was on the show so she is now, forgettable. in an outfit befitted her unfortunate adjective. forgettable.
    10.bethany and april. someone was trying to sabotage them. bethany looks like they killed a bear and made her wear it. i feel bad 4 her and that darn bear.
    april one of my favourites........ who put u in that skirt. oh kimora lee. why why why why why? that will not look good on anyone. should have worn a sexy skirt suit.
    12.what was the stylist thinking when they put catie in that horrible just ridiculous midrif bearing top. (please don't be nole , please) it elongates her in the worst way. oh and her hair is just killing me. it is killing me.

    tyra does look nice and not many people can pull off that look. it is a bit shiny but that adds to the sex-appeal. i know aloooooooot of men that would worship the ground she walked on in that dress. it is a borderline-ho outfit but she pulls it off.
    janice janice janice. you just look like a oriental-wannabe prostitute.
    eric is just bleh.
    i'm sorry i love nole he is just such a cute queer. he and princess mimi look adorable.
    j alexander is wonderful(minus the tiara from dsquared) he looks really cool and casual.
    jay manuel hmmmm not good not bad. he is going for a look here i don't know if he got it quite right. he is still a pretty man.
    sexy nigel and his wife look demure. the top of her dress is very stunning. it must have been a beautiful wedding.

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    oh and anna was cute. i want those baby phat earrings shandi was wearing. that cat symbol is sexy.

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    Personally I think (as the name might indicate) that Mercedes looking stunning. And as a footnote, is it just me or does it look like Shandi just got done rebuilding someone's transmission? Is that look called "grease-monkey chic"?

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    Well considering they were all styled and had to wear what was given....I like Shandi's outfit the most (but not for a Gala event as this), why did they tomboy her up for this?
    I also like Yoanna's dress and she looks good in it, which I feel they dressed her the best because she won.

    I think they just dressed Catie like a hooker on purpose, and what is up with the emu on April's waist? I agree that Bethany is all head and the girls could have dressed themselves better than this.

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    It's funny how I keep hearing metalics are in, but if you look at the photos, the only ones in shiny/metalic looks are Janice and Tyra. The girls are in 50BC hooker attire which (as much as I hate metalics) would be a much more disturbing trend. Yoanna's is shiny/silky but not really metalic.

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    OK here's the scoop from my view..
    Yoanna=beautiful/ elegent
    Mercedes=too much skin
    Shandi=not enough skin
    April=too weird/hate the boots
    Camille=jacket+hotpants is a dumb idea/ditto on boots
    Sarah=where is your skirt?
    Catie=still hangin with the hookers
    Xiomara=I actually like this on her
    Jenacia=cute and flirty
    Heather=flapper dress does not help curves
    Anna=ok, just ok/too much eyeliner (yuck)
    Bethany=where is your body?/A bear ate her up!

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    I'm sorry but Tyra looks like a drag queen. She overdoes those looks in candid shots, man.

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