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Thread: Photo Shoot Ideas for ANTM3

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    that idea is good make them make their own outfit or do daring jeans ads like the ones kate moss did for Ck jeans. About the runway work i think that we don't see alot of the training the have to put in their because i think J is there more often than we know and that is how shandi's walk improved by the time she was in milan. improved not great.

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    They shouldn't do the ''pick-your-own" thing again It would probably ruin someone with good potential, plus just be a horrid photo.

    Like w/ Shandi's Steve Madden, her hair is messy, she has bad makeup, she has several bobby pins in her hair, her legs and arms are not shaved, her arms veins are extremely visable and even look a little yellow in hue.

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    I would like to see the models pose as works of art, e.g., The Birth of Venus, etc. Re-enact some of the old masters' paintings, similar to the Eve shoot but with more class.

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