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Thread: Voice-Overs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I think what is tackiest about this phenomenon (not just on ANTM but on all the shows that do it) is that they could at least match the audio so it doesn't sound so obviously recorded in a studio months later. :rolleyes
    Haha. I know, right? That is pretty tacky.

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    OOh.. I think I know what you guys are talking about. You mean when they show the girls etc. and then you hear Jay talking etc? Like April is on the screen but you hear Jay?

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    Exactly, they cut away to the girls or someone else reacting while Jay or Tyra give a speech which sounds conspicuously from a different era in time altogether--either because the audio was lost or inaudible initially, or, as more of us suspect, to rewrite the script, as it were.
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    Um, I didn't notice. But now I want to see a rerun so I could pay better attention. Dammit, see what you did! Just kidding.

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    Re: Voice-Overs

    They have increased more since the cycles go on.

    Like with Victoria, Amis etc... And when Tyra gave that big speech on weight. I've always wanted to know what she really says.
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    Re: Voice-Overs

    I noticed that too, in Amis's elimination, when Amis hugged Tyra!!
    And I think this thread belongs to ANTM editing mistakes/goofs thread.

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    Re: Voice-Overs

    LOL! she voice overs even on the tyra show. like someone will be crying and then its like dead silence and tyra sounds like she talking inside a toilet bowl.
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    Re: Voice-Overs

    liked :
    when tyra said : wow ! who are these girls *when the girls walk in the panel*
    suddenly .her voice is liked from volume 5 turn to volume 9
    '' the scene show the girls face' and here voiceover said that ''your makeovers is FIRCE'

    is soo obvious

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    Re: Voice-Overs

    won't Tyra get embarrassed as we all know that it is voice over?
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    Re: Voice-Overs

    I've noticed these. There was one in the cycle 9 premiere. After the 13 girls were announced, Tyra is shown walking over to hug the girls and goes "You are all special!" That's a voice over.

    Also, during cycle 9 makeovers, Tyra goes "Here is what you look like now" while pointing the screen, and then it so obviously goes to a voice over when she says "and then it'll show the new looks that I've chosen for you! So lets start with Ambreal!"

    And in the cycle 10 preview she said "I have eight...names...left" after Aimee & Amis were called, which was a voiceover. And an editing mistake, considering she only had six names left.

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