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Thread: Top Pet Peeves about the show

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    The whole elimination process just bugs me in general because the only purpose it serves is for ratings and doesn't allow the girls to reach their full potential and try out the really cool events the other ones experirence. Who's to say that Sara would had done worse in the Milan shoots than the others? Well, we'll never know. With the whole elimination process, the judges could easily be getting rid of some of the most talented models and never know it, because they never gave them the chance.

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    toilet paper; and loaded "_over_," not "_under_."



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    My Pet Peeve

    Wow I can't believe no one's really mentioned it yet. What totally bothered me from week to week was the incredible lack of consistency with the judging, and how we were told one thing yet the judging totally ignored that area.

    For example week where the Tyra's video was shot we were constantly told how important it is for a top model to be able to move and have grace in her movements. Yet when the judging occurs for that week a certain person who cant get the beat of the music when dancing and falls flat on her butt still makes it through that weeks judging

    People were told that they might not have the right body type for being a top model yet again they make it through that weeks judging.

    Just a couple of other things that also peeved me. The show didn't at times in my opinion show a real picture of the modeling industry. To me there were times when it was more like who's Americas next EXTREME top model. Also in reality a top model can decide on her shoot's and if she's willing to do nudity or not. But on the show the girls didn't have the choice.

    Finally to me it seems this year the show should have been called Americas next top Pretty FACE because that's all Yoanna is and she'll be forgotten before we know it. The show is supposedly about being a top model and that includes all areas not just the pretty face.
    Anyways that's my peeves

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmax
    Wow I can't believe no one's really mentioned it yet. What totally bothered me from week to week was the incredible lack of consistency with the judging, and how we were told one thing yet the judging totally ignored that area.
    Did you read this whole thread? Because I thought a gajillion people have mentioned this in some form or other already.

    madmax. Since it appears you're new, why don't you look around the forum and read up on some of the old threads. We've done nothing but complain about the inconsistency of judging from day one! Still, we value hearing your opinion, okay? Thanks for sharing.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized


    APRIL NOT WINNING!! again!

    i agree ,my pet peeve was the fact that april was by far the most consistently good model on the show yet the judges found the littlest thing to boot her for like her analyzing her poses.obviously the analyzing is what made her the most photogenic girl there!!!!!!!!!!also when they had to make an outfit for going to the club out of a tshirt and then judge eric said it looked like a nightclub outfit(in a negative way)hello!!!!! stuid judges

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    There really was no reason to cut April because she was the most consistent out of all the girls. They said she didnt connect emotionally with the camera but if that's true, then why did they say her photographs were the most consistent? Also her analyzing is NOT a flaw. I got sick and tired of everyone saying that every week because thats just not reality because in real life I doubt any model was ever not signed to an agency because she over analyze's things. They should only care about how good your walk is on the runway and how good your pictures come out. Whatever it takes to get to that point(like analyzing) shouldnt matter and im sure it doesnt to people in the business. Point is they had the winner picked out from the beginning or fairly close to the beginning. They knew April was pretty much close to flawless performance wise and they just needed any excuse to cut her.

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    question shouldn't tyra be made to do photoshoots with the girls? cause i think i am tired of seeing the same ole photos each year. maybe she should do new photoshoots for the next season. so we can be shocked by the level of model she is, not by the level of model photos taken many years ago proved she was. if there are extreme photoshoots she should get into the harness and put on weird makeup and do her own shots. if there is an ad for designer eyewear in milan when the camera is not looking she should do one too. off camera she should do all the photoshoots the girls are doing or similar better ones. so the viewer is given something to base their opinions on. cause if we see second rate photos up against these hardly experienced models photos then it just looks bad on her. whatever they do she should be able to top a million times fold. and sometimes those photos don't cut it. she really is quite beautiful and sometimes it is hard for the viewer to see that by those not so flattering photos.

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