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Thread: Top Pet Peeves about the show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closet Fan
    ...3. All the relentless product promotions inserted gratuitously throughout the program, no doubt paid for by the companies in question. Why was a smile brightener needed for a girl who wasn't even supposed to smile in her picture?
    Closet Fan you made some good points! I never thought about the smile brightener, until you pointed it out now. Smart one, you are.

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    BLAH new pet peeve, the editing. I was watching some of my tapes of the episode tonight. A friend is over and when he saw me on the board he asked about the show. He'd never seen ANTM so obviously I had to correct that.

    Anyway I was noticing the editing seems really weird sometimes and gives the show a "jerky" pace, if that makes sense. Like sometimes it seems like we get 10 minutes of the girls cleaning the apartment or talking about pickles, then the real activities are sort of rushed through. Plus the pace of the finale was just insane, it was a letdown! IMHO it *really* should have been a two hour episode. The last hour could have included a reunion party or a "where are they now" update. I guess they want us to think the show is in real time but we all know it isn't.

    Heck as popular as the show is getting, I think they could even get away with a half hour judging show like AI. What do you guys think.

    edit: ok now that I think about it, the half hour elimination show is probably an awful idea... nevermind
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    I was annoyed by Catie throughout most of the show, a lot. She was such a brat and was obviously a little clueless when it came to some things. And I could not stand it when she cried. Sara became one of my favorites when she said that she thought Catie's hissy fit was hilarious.

    I was also annoyed by the voice-overs, etc. that were included in the show. Like someone else said, they should not make it so blatently obvious either. If you're not paying too much attention, you won't notice it - but I think I noticed it every time it happened and it really annoyed me.

    Also - each "new" photo we see of Tyra when the elimination ceremony starts. And not because Tyra is promoting herself (I honestly don't mind that at all because everything she does to promote herself in ANTM is usually entertaining to watch as a viewer), but because I think she's getting these photos done just for the show, when they're shown in such a way to make Tyra look like she's done some amazing things.

    If you look through Tyra's portfolio, you'll see that she looked strikingly different a while back, and her look is exactly the same in all the photos shown on ANTM. Personally, I think Tyra is jealous that the girls get to do such amazing photoshoots because she has never done them, so she's trying to make it look like she's done more.

    I don't know why April was eliminated and I'm annoyed by that as well. The comments she got in previous weeks were always amazing, and I remember Tyra commenting on how beautiful April was after the girls left, and had the judges agreeing with her. Tyra also said in the episode where April was eliminated, that she thought April posed the best out of all the girls but there was something "not quite there" with her personality? I can't remember the exact quote.

    What difference does it make what her personality is like? I think every photographer said that April was a dream to work with, so in that aspect, I don't think her personality is bad. She was also the best in the acting challenge, so they know she can make a connection with the public. I don't see what was wrong with her personality but even if she was a pain to work with, the photographer would still make a lot of money photographing a "top model", and I don't think they'd care either way as long as they got paid.

    If it was April's "style" that got her eliminated, I think that is ridiculous. I agree that she showed too much skin a lot of the times, but that can be corrected so easily. She did follow the rules when she was picking out clothes, etc. but she would just wear too LITTLE of them. If they hounded her enough about it, like they did with Adrianne (sp?) pulling her hair back, I think April would have gotten the hint.

    Those were my pet-peeves for the show anyway.

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    Ok, this is my top pet peeve of... people talking about the show.

    I hate the "jealous" accusation. You know why that good looking, popular guy doesn't like me? Because he's threatened by how it's so much easier for me to get women than him. You know why those girls reject me? Because they're jealous of how life is so easy for me. You know why Donald Trump won't hire me? Because he afraid I'm going to be much richer than him in the future and he's jealous of my ability.

    Oh will people PLEASE stop using that line? It's driving me nuts. Tyra did not cut your favorite model out of jealousy. Tyra did not cut Jenascia because she's jealous of Jenasica's height. She did not cut Bethany cuz she's jealous of Bethany's chest. She did not cut any of the girls because she's afraid <INSERT GIRL'S NAME HERE> will become a super model bigger than her. Tyra cut them because of either (1) it'll help ratings or she thinks it will or (2) because she honestly thot that model did not have what it takes to be a top model.

    The chances any of these girls will come close to what Tyra has accomplished is low. If you thinkTyra is worrying about competition why the HECK do you think she's more worried about contestants on this show versus the current batch of young supermodels. You know, there ARE other young supermodels being made every day the "traditional" way...

    Anyways. My pet peeves about the show itself.
    1) Their mind games get really obvious sometimes. Last episode - when they cut Shandi I was surprised. I knew immediately Yoanna was going to win. But wait, they kept on talking about how great Mercedes was and look Yoanna messed up TWICE (hair and shoe)!! But all that did was confirm to me that Mercedes was going to lose. They want a surprise ending. What better way to get it by making the girl that's going to win look bad and the girl that's going to lose look good? :-/

    2) Related to that - when they show the judging... you really don't get anything out of it except know who's definitely not going to get cut. They want to create an artificial uncertainity that gets annoying and you can really get a good judge on a model unless that model just utterly obliterated the competition.

    3) I'd like to have seen what they REALLY said during judging (all of it) and how people voted. Like I'd rather have them go straight to handing out the pictures then after they voted them off show what was really said during judging.

    4) They could use more concrete criticism as mentioned before. Annoying to praise one person for something, then diss another person for the same reason.

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    Spork, thanks for sharing your opinion!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Regarding a couple posts about the nudity, it's actually in the application that they may have to do a nude shot but the girls signed up any way. I think that it is poor taste for the girls to enter if they know for sure they absolutely won't do a nude shot. It wastes time for the show and someone else's oppurtunity to go on the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spork
    3) I'd like to have seen what they REALLY said during judging (all of it) and how people voted. Like I'd rather have them go straight to handing out the pictures then after they voted them off show what was really said during judging.
    Multiple Choice:They can't show what was really said because:
    a)at times it's so mean that everyone would hate a judge or two...or worse, might find that <gasp> Tyra really isn't very nice,
    b)the viewer may be smart enough to see that the things said negatively affected a contestant to react a certain way to get them booted the next week,
    c)viewers may stop watching if they knew the real deciding factors or their favorite model gets booted for an irrelevant or unfounded "reason",
    d)we might find out the winner is basically preselected and the weekly results are created to take the viewers to their logical conclusion
    e)all of the above

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closet Fan

    3. All the relentless product promotions inserted gratuitously throughout the program, no doubt paid for by the companies in question. Why was a smile brightener needed for a girl who wasn't even supposed to smile in her picture?
    Pfft. Forget smile whiteners. The people who got the most product placement were Elsa Klensch and Walgreen's.

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    Tyra's Faux Ghetto Talk

    What I found most annoying was when Tyra would affect that ghetto accent. Most notably when she was commenting on the girls' giving themselves the 80's style makeovers and she said "you know, most of you came out yo mammas in the 80's so that's why you do this so well...." Tyra is intelligent and well spoken, and I don't think she's spent a lot of time on the streets, so she sounds silly doing that. Remember when she referred to Mercedes's hair and told Janice that she didn't understand 'ghetto things."

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    Oh, but I like Maggie Rizer! And she has done a lot of runway; arguably she's been just as successful a runway/avant garde/high fashion model as some of the more famous sexier girls, because of her unconventional face. Also, regarding the cramped sleeping space in the house, I think the point was maybe (?) to simulate a "model apartment", which would actually be much more cramped and modest than what the contestants had to deal with. Besides, with people leaving every few days, more space was continually opening up for the remaining girls.

    Sorry, I know this is about pet peeves, but I just wanted to defend poor old upn a little--not that they're really so poor at all:

    The recap at the beginning of the final episode--waste of precious potential footage!

    Janice's supermodel crap of course--I read somewhere that the term supermodel was coined for models making more than a certain amount of money (like Margaux Hemingway and Veruschka (sp?), the piece mentioned, two models who preceded Janice), regardless of how well-known they are, but I suppose the word has taken on a variety of meanings based on who is saying it. Maybe my memory is really failing, but I think that piece might even have been on a Janice site, likely posted because it contained a photo of her and listed her name in any context at all.

    I guess I don't really have that many pet peeves because if I'm watching a reality TV show, I get what I deserve, I suppose! And ANTM is still worth it, even if we do get waaaay overexposed to Tyra.

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