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Thread: ANTM video game!

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    i know. I am getting all hyped up. But now i can't find it.
    I think he is telling a lie because:
    #1 PlayStation Magazine has a plastic cover since it comes with a free Disc.
    #2 if he was a fan, he would have remembered the page. Although it really isn't THAT hard to remember a page number.
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    well i mean if he was just flipping through the page why would he memorize the page number and what magazine maybe he looked at a lot. and think of it liek this why would someone make up a lie just saying there is a video game coming out. there are many other things you can make a lie about why a video game and just cause he is a fan doesnt mean he HAS to remember every little detail about every little thing.
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    Hey DjDeluxay......... I was Serching Google for ANTM ps2 And on a few Other Boards It says that Your 'Sources' Has been saying there is gonna be a ANTM Video Game.... If you dont Believe it here Why be like your the one Who found out first there?

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    i was referring to this source. Some boards do not like you posting to other boards.

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