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Thread: Who Will IMG Sign?

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    yea, i just hope she still gets signed anyways. I do think she is better than Mercedes. Mercedes only seemed to have personality. She only seemed to shine on the last episode. While Sara has the edgey,high fashion and personality. She has been having it this whole time rather than only one episode.
    But then again this is my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    haha those are my top three girls.
    i just hope we get to find out who go signed. I hope its not like last year where the five got contracts. Cause it seems Robin hasn't done any work.
    Unless you have pictures of her.
    Where did you hear that Mercedes got signed?
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    Anybody find the goods on who else got signed yet?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I'm pretty sure that no one, excluding Yoanna of course, has been signed yet. The meeting with IMG is supposed to be on the 7th according to the interviews. I think people were assuming that Mercedes was signed because she was walking some shows in Fashion week, but that is not necessarily the true. She may have been approached for those shows directly by the design houses, or they may have gone throught upn.

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    Like I said before, Mercedes did the show for free becuase she's without representation; she lives in LA and all she had to do was show up. There's also other great agencies besides IMG:
    And so far nobody has signed yet - Shandi leaves for NYC next Monday and she's staying either with Yoanna or Xiomara(New Jersey).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Velvin


    Shandi leaves for NYC next Monday and she's staying either with Yoanna or Xiomara(New Jersey).

    good post, velvin!

    it's exciting news that shandi leaves for
    new york, soon.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Velvin
    Shandi leaves for NYC next Monday and she's staying either with Yoanna or Xiomara(New Jersey).

    Hope you're going with her to keep an eye on her. No video cameras this time.

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    NO NEWS Yet

    the website for img is, it looks like fashion/modeling is a relatively new venture for this company and there isn't a specific link to the modeling agency. they don't have any news on the site about antm, but its possible they will post something in the near future.

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    "Breaking Faces: Daria, Diana Dundoe, Madeleine, Stam, Michelle Valencourt

    Stars: Gisele, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Bridget Hall, Liya.

    The Powerhouse

    PRO: The modeling industry boasts a wide spectrum of clients, offering an equally wide spectrum of jobs. No agency in the business is better able to service this wide spectrum, from cosmetic contracts to lucrative catalogues, than IMG. While it's emotionally luxurious to be able to reduce your booking spectrum to the high end of the business and shrewd to make your money on the more commercial end of the market, the wise choice is to embrace them both and thus provide a complete agency. That's IMG in a nutshell. The new faces flow from the scouting network is formidable. The Supermodel marquee value is unquestionably the best in the business and the new generation of editorial queens like Liya and Erin are knee deep in lucrative contracts. This is why IMG stands as the one true blue chip agency in the business.
    CON: Incessant speculation about an impending sale of IMG keeps creating a malicious cloud over the company. But since when is the sale of any business enterprise a sign of failure? In today's market culture where merger and acquisition is a standard end game, rumors of that nature are at best- na´ve or at worst- malicious. If IMG sells at fire-sale prices or to an "unsuitable" buyer then that would be a story. In any case it's not like Gisele will be hitchhiking to castings anytime soon.
    SCOUTING CALL: When you sign with IMG what you get is a total career assessment. Goals are set and a cohesive plan is put in place to get you the top of the modeling business, and more importantly, keep you there. More than at any other agency, "management" in all its implications is engaged to its fullest potential. That makes it the No 1 choice for any aspiring model."

    IMG is probably #1 because they're more than just a modeling agency.

    "In 1960, Mark Hume McCormack shook hands with a young golfer named Arnold Palmer.* That historic handshake established a legendary empire that would evolve into today's IMG, the world's premier sports and lifestyle marketing and management company-representing hundreds of sports figures, entertainers, television properties, artists, musicians, writers, celebrities and prestigious organizations and events around the world.* With just a handshake, Mark H. McCormack had invented a global industry.*
    Through IMG, Mark H. McCormack demonstrated the value of sports and lifestyle activities as effective corporate marketing tools, but more importantly, his lifelong dedication to his vocation-begun with just a simple handshake-brought enjoyment to millions of people worldwide who watch and cheer their heroes and heroines.* This is his legacy.*
    On May 16, 2003, Mark McCormack passed away and in doing so the role of continuing this legacy was left in the hands of* Bob Kain and Alastair Johnston who, combined, worked*nearly 60 years with McCormack.* They were named co-CEOS of IMG in May 2003.* They have jointly enabled the legacy to live on and continue to bring* enjoyment to millions of people worldwide and*ensure the dreams that were first in the mind of a young attorney in Cleveland, Ohio."

    From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site:


    IMG, the global marketing and management firm known for its leadership in sports, leisure and lifestyle activities, now has an exciting new division dedicated to fashion worldwide. IMG Fashion includes IMG Models, the world's number one ranked international model management firm, 7th on Sixth, producers of New York's Olympus Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox in Los Angeles and THE DAILY, the fashion industry's new stylish obsession in New York, Los Angeles and Milan. In addition, IMG Fashion's global portfolio includes representation of the Invista Style Awards, the new Fashion Fringe in London (debuting in September 2004), Milan Fashion Week, Sao Paolo Fashion Week, Mercedes Asia Fashion Weeks in Singapore and Lakme Fashion Week in India."

    IMG is apparently one of the producers for every major Fashion Industry production, as well as many major sporting events.
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