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Thread: How Will Yoanna Be Treated in the Fashion World?

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    Mink Mink
    Yoanna and the girls from this year that will be signed most likely will be treated like last year's winner and other girls that were signed last year. ... At go see's and castings.
    The folks in the industry will probably be harder on Reality TV Models than Non.
    Agencies like to find their own girls at young ages and mold them from 13 and up. It's their prefrence, what they like, and the look for today maybe not the look for tomorrow. The changes are fast and furious. Adrianne is Adrianne she won for being her, Yoanna is Yoanna she won for being herself too! Diversity is a good thing. Point is... There will be two more shows I am sure you don't want to mold all of the winners as the same types. Edgy, honest, and Amazon Bodied Adrianne or Polished, edgy, and skinny Yoanna. It dosen't matter if you can talk the talk modeling is far more diverse than just talk. There are many top models that don't do TV. Go to any modeling site and look at the various types of models.
    Face it! They all gave a lot to pursue a dream. I would hate to live in their high heels.

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    Yoanna is too old. Point blank. Girls are on the runway at 13, 14 now, even if they shouldn't be. Plus, her look is boring. Beautiful, yes, but boring. She'll probably get a few things while the show is in people's minds but in a year or so? It'll be just like Adrianne.

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    i hope she does well as i do see her doing runways and shoots as she's gorgeous and looked better then Mers. on the stage in my oppinion. yet M. had the walk and confidence she's just too cute and next dore kinda girl as Yo is glam and class. go Yo.

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    Really? I don't think Yoanna's look is boring. To me, she doesn't look like any of the other models out there now.

    I think Yoanna will have a lot more success than Adrianne. First of all, she has what it takes (looks and personality) to carry this much further than Adrianne did. IMG is also a significantly better agency than Wilhelmina. I admittedly don't see her walking very many runways, but I can see her finding success in print. (And, as people have said before, the runway isn't exactly the epitome of model success.) Obviously, she is quite a bit older than most of the girls starting out, so her career will probably last no more than five years at most, but she has had a jump-start over those twelve-year-olds, due to her maturity and this competition. I think most of you are underestimating the power of Yoanna.

    I think Shandi will make it as a model, too. It is probably better for her own sake that she did not win this contest, because I don't know if she could have handled the pressure and spotlight of the title, but I predict she will do well for herself.

    When I say "make it as a model," I'm not implying that either of these girls will be the next Kate Moss. I think they'll be able to make some money and peruse their dreams, which really is enough.

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    Her face- gorgeous, but I am not sure on how they will react with her body. Just eucae she was on a reality tv sho doesn't guarantee jobs, we learned that many times

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    What's there to react to about her body? 5 months ago, yes, but not today. Yoanna is toned and ready. At 5'11" she's tall, has great shoulders and is fairly flat chested, designers love those traits in a models body as the clothes hang great on them. That's part of the reason why there are so many 13/15 year old runway models.
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