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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 10 Finale Recap: Surprise, Surprise—Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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    I missed the last show and I know who won of course, but I am so devistated. Will they show any reruns of the show before #3 come on.

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    Another Recap

    Someone at the Planetsocks site wrote a scathing recap/review of the final episode. Warning: Coarse language and 1 scene of gore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardKing
    Someone at the Planetsocks site wrote a scathing recap/review of the final episode. Warning: Coarse language and 1 scene of gore.

    Yes, this was wicked!

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    fave part:

    "The girls toddle off to meet DSquared2. (On the way, Yoanna and Mercedes pray together, but Shandi is not allowed to talk to God because God doesn't talk to whoooooooooooooooores!) "

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    America's Next Top Model was brought to you by Kleenex, the size zero, and the letter FIERCE!

    another fave quote from the article.
    BTW i don't think shandi is a whore (everyone makes mistakes )but the irony was funny.

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    Portuguese Article

    I found this recap of the series on the Ultimosegundo website. It was originally a New York Times article translated to Portuguese and then back to English. Anyways, I found it amusing.

    "America's Next Top Model": Winners and losers in the feminine world

    Next top model to the United States has shining round eyes, short hair, and a very lean face, and an uncommon silhouette, although esbelta. It has 1,56 meter of height and weighs 60 kilos. Its name is Yoanna House.

    Since the start of this season, in January, House if detached in the "America's Next Top Model 2" (something as "the Next Top Model them U.S.A. 2") as the competitor with the cheeks highest and the eyes most shining. In the monday, led for the model Tyra Banks, a panel of experts of the feminine beauty - Eric Nicholson, of the Jane magazine; Nigel Barker, a fashion photographer; e Janice Dickinson, a former-model that makes the witch times - deliberated its favor, with its rights of companion and responsibilities. (House received a contract from model and will appear in an editorial of fashion of magazine and in the layer of a catalogue).

    Although the talentos of a model, as well as of a printer one, can better be transmitted in the paper, "America's Next Top Model" tests its participant how much the personality, making to pass them for arbitrary periods of training that mystify the art of being model.

    In this season, the 12 aspirings had had to dance, if to maquiar, to make clothes and cry out in the command. They had presented small acrobatics and had made performances. They had staged lesbian scenes. In these exercises, Banks informed them in the first episode, them would disclose the talent natural, potential and personality on which would be judged.

    Part of the interest of the program of the UPN, thus, is the way that it anatomizes the beauty contemporary, transforming it into a question for professionals. ("I see many errors ", I was one of the first answers for the competitors).

    More drawn out of the one than the majority of the beauty competitions, the program represents with determination the physical beauty as, paradoxicalally, an occult and esquiva quality, that only judgments special can disclose.

    If the juízes of "American Idol", currently in its third season, had established a rigid structure to think on the successes of music pop, Banks and its colleagues are the way to mount a guide for the beauty pop, complete with its proper lexicon.

    In "Idol," Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul (but mainly Simon Cowell) tries to sensetize the public on the errors of the performances that evoke performances of cruises, Broadway or karaoke. In the same way, the juízes in the most recent "Model" had not tolerated some characteristics: falseness, rigidity, style of magazine feminine, vulgarity, queen of beauty - and, clearly, low and fat. (In contrast of the juízes of "Idol", that they influence the vote of the public, but they do not decide, the juízes of "Model" take all the decisions. Its word is law.)

    The juízes of the UPN of this season had also abominated false tears, great smiles, arrogance, nonsense, burrice, licentiousness and ethnic discrimination. Such characteristics and actions are more of the one than ugly: they are bad in an absolute direction. They had been established as bases for resignations of the cruel court. Almost all the women who had been eliminated of the program had had histéricas reactions.

    In comparison, the competitors had been praised if she showed battles showed illnesses to fight, ugly duckling complex and visceral ambition ("to want this"). Also admired they were demonstration of "irritability", confidence, and fierceness, that seems to be irritability as little anger.

    But for the young competitors, in this program more of the one than in the most visible "American Idol", the competition to seem a tacit consultation on its souls.

    The agonies of the auto-invention of the young women were evidentes in all the places. Lupus of Mercedes depressed it during an episode or two. Sara feared serious retaliation of its Iranian father when it discovered that it was model. Shandi traiu its boyfriend openly, and then it wanted to die in the following day. Diverse rosaries had been awarded, and Yoanna tried to exorcizar bad espíritos, using a blessed water species. Catie did not obtain to stop to cry.

    To generate the existencial pressure is the main way that one reality show has of guarantir tears and collapses, that are demanded for the drama. In contrast, a model can be chosen in a look and the program would finish. Observer young competitor to keep the control while appearing the social death contains, for the viewers, a species of fantastic brightness of the bullfights. To see colleagues to be considered, and considered in so definitive and emphatical way, grants a strange pleasure in a country where to deprive if judgment a virtue is considered.

    In other words, either what it will be nominally in game in "America's Next Top Model", the suspense of the program comes clearly of the fact of that these vulnerable young had preferred to present itself for a superficial panel that says to them, in the UPN and for the whole world, that it are bregas, harms or fat people. We like to see as they support.

    In the end, Yoanna, that simply had the face most beautiful, earned. The final episode was a little hasty, with eliminated Shandi and Mercedes in one alone hour. The deep mysteries of the world of Banks - mysteries that seemed real before excessively only one week - had been placed of side suddenly. But the supersecret of the success still is inconfundível, and sufficiently visible for that they look for for advice on as to be successful in a group of women: either very pretty.

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    That was obviously run through an online translation system. Those things are practically useless and return the funniest results. I am a "Top Model" ventilator.

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