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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 10 Finale Recap: Surprise, Surprise—Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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    I don't know what I'll miss more, the recaps or the show!

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    How many times is this girl going to fall on this show? I hope Tyra’s prize package is going to include medical insurance.

    Tyra (looking like Bratz doll who forgot to put her pants on)

    Those 2 lines were my favorite! You're totally right about the insurance--she's gonna need it!

    Very thorough & funny, it was like watching the show all over again, but with more clarity (when I watched it, it was hard to hear/understand what the heck they were saying, like the "palette" comment)!
    2 enthusiastic thumbs up! You're one of a kind Snowflake Gal!

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    Excellent job, Snowflake Girl. I'll miss your recaps as much as the show.

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    I'll miss the show...but I wont miss much as I wish it didnt happen to adrianne....I'm glad Yoannas 15 minutes will end not even a year from now(hasnt been a year since the first one even!) She will disappear just like my girl Adrianne. I'll miss the recaps...which were GREAT this year.... I gotta say, season one was so muc better....
    Adrianne"Elyse, are you wearing your top?
    Elyse, "yeah...why, are u?
    Adrianne "Nope!"
    Elyse takes off her top.
    Elyse "goodnight"
    Adrianne "Goodnight sluthoe!"

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    In fact, Tyra doesn't like skinny gals since she has became a "big gal"
    Take a look at the last year winner. She looked pretty......fat at the Baby Phat fashion show.

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    adrienne is NOT fat- she is thin but she very toned and atheltic- elyse was VERY thin

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    Thanks so much

    This is like one of the few reality shows that I watch, so now that it's over

    See ya next season

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    Snowflake Girl, howcum yer so damn clever?

    You are the essential supplement to ANTM...where can all of us SFG fans find more of your brilliant icy flakes of wisdom?

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    mess ups on the final episode

    ok i noticed a few things that went wrong during the fashion show.
    One thing is that we see Yoanna switching from pink heels to black heels

    Then right after we see her switch heels, she runs straight to the runway wearing the pink ones again!

    The third thing i noticed, but can't really take a screen shot of is that in the judging room, we see Yoanna on the runway posing for a longer time than she did during the actual fashion show. Hm.. am i on to something?

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    I totally noticed the shoe thing. I saw the end twice and I noticed that the black shoes were ugly but then she goes out in the pink......I agree that something is fishy here.

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