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Thread: Season 1 and 2 things in common

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    Season 1 and 2 things in common

    i was bored and decided to see what each season had in common.
    one thing i noticed is the way the girls got eliminated.
    1st: Tessa posed funny which didn't offer much i guess. Although i have the calendar and this month is Tessa. The photo didn't seem to bad. But the judges said it looks funny. Anna didn't offer anything (yet) as well. So they were both cut for the same reason.
    2nd: Katie was posing too sexy. And they said she seemed too playboy-ish. Bethany has big boobs, and she posed too sexy. They both got the cut for being too sexy basically.

    10th: people say Shandi was the geek.and people said Elyse was the geek or nerd. They both did really well. almost perfect you can say. When they both got the cut they didn't show them crying. They both went from geeky girls to actually being sexy.
    11th: Shannon was too commercial at first. Mercedes was too commmerical at first. Shannon owned in the fashion show. Mercedes did the best in the fashion show. They both became edgey.

    the winner: Yoanna was a fashion fanatic. She had some flaws. most comments were about her weight. Adrianne was also a fanatic. She got scammed so many times. She had flaws. Most comments about her voice.

    ok now i am just taking notes so i am not trying to be offendsive:
    Season 1: 6 white girls,3 black girls,1 latin girl
    Season 2: 6 white girls, 3 black girls, 1 latin girl

    Well thats all i have for now. So tired. Any of you agree or have comments?
    please leave some
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