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Thread: Girlposse interviews with Shandi and Mercedes

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    Well we don't care about those men, we care about Shandi.
    Aww that was Sweet of you Frost, spread the Shandi love...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadedomega
    Aww that was Sweet of you Frost, spread the Shandi love...
    Shh... you can't tell ANYONE!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soma
    Eh, I think it still shows terrible interviewing skills even if it is for girlposse. If you dislike someone and can't even make the pretense of being unbiased, then give the interview to someone else to conduct. The interviewer put words into both the girls mouths by the way she/he paraphrased questions and editorialized. Shoddy journalism if you ask me, even for a fan site.

    It seemed to me that they ONLY did the interview with Shandi for the bashing and to make her look bad. I don't agree with what Shandi did but I don't agree with the choices most stars make. It doesn't stop me from enjoying their films, pictures, styles etc. I just look to them for what they are, icons and that's it. But true the girls are young and need to learn to judge the act, not the person.

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    Although there was some negative spin in Shandi's interview, I am thankful there was some - for example, the interview with Shandi was just plain boring, informative, yes, but boring. For instance, what makes "Snowflakegirls" recaps light years better than the UPN offical ones, is that she does make interesting comments (call it a spin if you like). The typical questions asked in (uncritical) interviews don't further the discussion. But, yes, there was perhaps too much of negativity here, and I had hoped for a longer interview.

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