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Thread: Pictures from ANTM Party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilshouldawin

    Fros. you can see two pics of April here. She looks great but i don't know whats up with her skirt though. KINda funny
    You can tell that a stylist(s) dressed them because their style is identical as is their make-up (for most of them). The crazy pink eye-shadow takes away from the ladies. They're so much prettier than that.

    Good to see them all!

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    this one is cool too, but yeah, no pix of April. WTF!!!!! :phhht

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    >: It says I have to be a member to view April's photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is it just me or did all the girls dress up skanky except for Shandi and Yoanna...

    And I never ever thought I'd see Mercedes like that... she looks like some Greek warrior! It's pretty cool... but most of the girls didn't take any style tips (Bethany, Anna, Heather, Catie... but then, they didn't get the style guy execpt for Catie... but geez!)

    And anyone notice how at, page four, photo 6118333, with Shandi, Tyra, Mercedes and Yoanna... Shandi and Yoanna look the most "model" like? Seems like Tyra was shoved into it... like it was too small and they greased it up... hehe...

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    Actually, I don't think the girls even dressed themselves. I think the outfits were picked for them because it isn't even their style of dress.

    Not to mention those ugly fur lined boots A-L-L of them are wearing.

    And how does showing off your legs and/or arms make you skanky? :phffft

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    Quote Originally Posted by faceplace
    Yoanna......still a little bit large................
    Are you crazy?

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    The only people I think look good are tyra, camille, shandi, and heather. I hate sara's hair. I wish she would just go back to the dark hair. I dont like the way mercedes hair is styled either and shes smiling too big in these pics. well at least with that hair, it looks too big. Unfortunately I still cant find april's pictures so i have no clue what she looked like. Hopefully we will see on entertainment tonight.

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    Yeah, it seemed they got more photos of other girls than other girls. Did that make sense. Let me give it another shot. They got more photos of certain girls than other girls. oh well
    i wondered what went on. Man i SO wanted to go to that party.
    i wanted more of Jenascia,April and Sara

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    Yoanna too large?!?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Are you crazy?

    I was just noticing how much her collarbones jut out in the last few pics on celebrity photos. She looks extremely thin to me.
    Good Lord, people, if you think that Yoanna is large, I gotta wonder what you look like. I mean seriously.

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    yoannas skeletal chest is scaring me.

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