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Thread: Pictures from ANTM Party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mink Mink
    I hear ya about inviting the girls that started it all. Seems to be somewhere they got lost in the process of making season two more of a success.
    I think Yoanna has probably received more press coverage than all the Season 1 girls combined. Sadly, I can't recall ever seeing a pic of Kesse or Tessa at any of the press photo sites (at least Adrianne, Elyse and a few others made some appearances).

    On a lighter note, I was flipping through the current issue of Flaunt Magazine and I noticed pics of the girls from the finale party in the magazine's papparazzi section (basically small close-ups of their faces). Yoanna, Janice, Sara, Heather and Camille were pictured, but under Camille's pic, the caption read: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte.
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    E!Online's Watch With Kristin has a gossip report on the UPN Upfront afterparty. Sounds like some interesting things happened:

    Quote Originally Posted by E!Online
    UP Illin': Ain't no party like a UPN party.

    Yeah, you heard me right: U. P. N. Though Fox is known for throwing the most happenin' parties with the slushiest celebs, at this year's upfronts in New York City, top honors went to the tiniest network of them all.

    UPN managed to throw an ultra-exclusive, impromptu VIP shindig at the hot spot of the moment, Marquis--and a few Foxy friends happened to show up. O.C. castmembers Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, plus Jason Priestley and a few Mad TV stars, partied alongside UPN's Taye Diggs, the girls from America's Next Top Model and the stars of Veronica Mars, a new drama I already love.

    The soiree even served up a little delicious dish--one of the Top Model girls, cutie-pie Catie, hit it off with an actor from Veronica Mars, and they split the scene. Another TM babe, Bethany, had such a sloshy good time that she had to be carried into a cab (no doubt because her Manolos were barking).

    Bethany wasn't the first Top Model to have problems walking that day. Earlier, I interviewed all the Model girls as they arrived for UPN's presentation. Shandi (who just quit Walgreens last week) did interviews beside Xiomara, who started going off about the "selective editing." She told me, "I don't think I was edited fairly at all. I should show you my book now. I know how to take a freaking good picture, okay? They made me look like I didn't know how to. Shandi, tell her." Shandi simply stuttered a meek, "Um, yeah, I don't know." Ouch.

    Also painful? Watching fierce, fabulous Xiomara try to strut her stuff down the catwalk during the presentation while hobbled by a broken shoe, tangled dress or possibly her right leg spontaneously growing three inches. Poor girl! My personal fave just can't seem to catch a break.
    Gossip report from:

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    LizardKing found another picture site for us ( and I followed that trail. There are some pics from the ANTM Party here (Yoanna, Mercedes, Catie, Tyra and Janice if I am not mistaken). Scroll through the pages:

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