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Thread: Pictures from ANTM Party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Hey, I love Baby Phat
    For real! Don't talk about Baby Phat! I got on a Baby Phat shirt on right now.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed the tape on Ms. Jenascia's boob.

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    Four things...

    1) Is it just me or did Sara's hair get more blond?

    2) Camille's make-up is horrid!

    3) Why is Catie still dressing like a hooker? You'd think that embarassing her on TV and making her cry (although that wasn't hard to do) :rolleyes would have taught her a thing or two! She's showing a litttle bit too much tummy.

    4) Heather looks like she stepped out of an episode of Three's Company.

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    sara did dye the very top of her hair blonder, i love sara but it looks like someone splashed it onto her head
    everyday is so wonderful........ then suddenly is hard to breathe

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilshouldawin
    What is wrong with being white or pale??? I think that's one good side of her. She doesn't care if her skin is pale or tan; it's her natural skin. A lot of people damage their skin by booth tanning, tanning under the sun, and so on. It's not healthy. My cousin can sit under the sun for hours just to tan her skin. I hope she's not gonna get skin cancer and hope not for the rest of people who tan their skin, too. I'm sick of the way Hollywood represents those celebrities. Some of them were not born with skin like that, for god sake. :phhht Now it's time to go back to the real sh!t. Dark tone, light tone, medium tone...who cares! Real colors anyway.
    agree 100%!

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    I didnt mean to offend. There is nothing wrong with being pale or white. I just don't think she looked good. I am white, (legs like milk bottles as they say) and I don't tan (fake or otherwise) as I burn the crap out of myself. I don't fall all over hollywood celebrities and their mystic tans. I just don't think that the bright red made her look good. When people start to get that pale it makes them look unhealthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MollyMalone
    oh my god -- those girls look horrid for the most part.
    Did they not have any warning that this party was happening?
    Would you think that Yoanna and Tyra (and stylists) would have got together before hand to make sure that their outfits suited each of them and each other for photo ops.
    Trust me, most of those girls had already purchased outfits for the party before they found out the clothes were being provided.

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    I think they all look beautiful (some more so than others, but all undoubtedly beautiful). Then again, maybe I'm just thrilled to see them all again (esp. April).

    In the group pics from celebrityphoto with Shandi, Tyra, Yoanna and Mercedes together, I was disappointed to see that Yoanna was the only one who didn't know how to 'work' the pose for the pic. All the others nailed that "one leg forward, weight shifted to back leg, and arms resting at sides" red carpet pose. And I esp. enjoyed seeing that kind of experience come from Shandi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faceplace
    Yoanna......still a little bit large................

    well Catie just cannot get rid of the "hooker style"
    She is not large! Look at Catie's belly!

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    I agree. I don't particuarly like the way any of them are dressed, or the make-up. Well, Yoanna's dress actually works for me, as I said before, but she could have worn something better. I don't like Shandi's suit, but I do like her confidence. Mercedes' dress is horrid, but she still manages to look cute. Otherwise, they all look pretty awful. We know they're prettier than that!

    I don't know what you mean about the pose, unknown. Check out the gettyimages pictures.
    I like how Yoanna looks here:

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    Janice -- not even a hooker would wear that .. holy did you see her shoes .. she must have borrowed them from a retirement home in florida .. Her feet look so old.
    Uh correction!!! I have seen that dress on, starting with, Beyonce, and a Devon chick and now Janice. If I see that exact same dress on one more celebrity/model I'm going to scream!

    Am I the only one who thought Mercedes dress looked a little similar to the one Toni Braxton wore a few years ago that looked liked tissue and ace bandages?

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