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Thread: Pictures from ANTM Party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughFire
    What the heck is tyra wearing?
    Oh, really . . . It's TOO easy to spot!

    She's got on a couture feather duster!

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    I am just so amazed. I mean were is little miss mousy Walgreens clerk?????
    It's like she just needed to heard the words You Are Beautiful.... Amazing what they can do Isn't it?
    Why to go Shandi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ness
    Oh, really . . . It's TOO easy to spot!

    She's got on a couture feather duster!
    I couldn't help but compare April and Fifi from the Beauty and the Beast.

    Very similar in style!

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    So is Catie having a baby?? Or just totally unware that her belly sticks out that much?? You can tell who payed attention in style class??

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    Isn't the eye make-up the same as a "test" that was done in Season 1? I think it was the episode where Adrianne had food poisoning and when the contestants met with the judges their test was to duplicate make up that was done on Tyra for a photo---they had to do all that pink/red make-up around their eyes. But, I could be remembering it all wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    I think the reason her face looks like this (with the wrinkle thing going on) is because the woman has absolutely no body fat left, and there's nothing underneath the skin to support it--except those amazing cheekbones.

    That's why I was so upset when people called her fat during the show. She wasn't fat then, and she's lost more weight. I hope all the people who have criticized her body are happy, because now she is absolutely emaciated--skinny, skinny, skinny! (Which no matter what people say is what it takes to be a model, and Janice is the only one who is really honest about it.)

    There's no winning this body image game. I wish her luck, because she's going to need it. I seriously hope it turns out to be a good and happy thing for her and not a "careful what you wish for" story.

    Miss Griss, I thought of this too. I just read an article in Harper's Bazaar about how women who don't push themselves unnaturally to lose *that last 5 or 10 pounds* will age much more gracefully, and how one should try to get weight loss out of the way early and then just maintain maintain maintain, but not try to keep losing. They cited Jennifer Lopez as someone who will probably have very tight and healthy looking skin for a long time, versus Laura Flynn Boyle whose age is already starting to show as the cost of her (continually forced-looking) rail-thin physique. Like you said, if you have NO fat to support the skin where, based on your body's natural tendencies, some fat should be, you will look older, have premature wrinkles. Maybe in photos they can airbrush out this effect on Yoanna's face, but for her personal sake, I hope she doesn't kill herself trying to stay so very skinny. Having witnessed this destructive and addictive behavior very close to home, I would wish upon Yoanna an alternative career in fashion--designing, buying, etc., after a few years of modeling work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acclyaimed4
    Nice to be loved..

    for the first time
    None that is just sad.

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    Thanks, PPerez
    Something I wasn't sure of, but I was in the middle of, Something I forget now - Keane, This is the last time

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    oh my god -- those girls look horrid for the most part.
    Did they not have any warning that this party was happening?
    Would you think that Yoanna and Tyra (and stylists) would have got together before hand to make sure that their outfits suited each of them and each other for photo ops.

    Tyra -- looks like her fake suntan lotion spilled on her gladd garbage bags and she used them for her dress

    Yoanna -- she is so white that Casper the Ghost is jealous. I so think that deep red color was the wrong thing to wear without borrowing some of Tyra tan lotion. (Maybe it was all spilt to get Tyras dress color)

    Catie -- obviously she just came to the party straight from the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Sequal, wear she was an extra

    Heather -- her dress just did not suite her. It made her look quite heavy.

    Janice -- not even a hooker would wear that .. holy did you see her shoes .. she must have borrowed them from a retirement home in florida .. Her feet look so old.

    Shandi -- totally stoned .. can't believe how out of it she looks .. I don't like the outfit ..

    Bethany -- did she just get back from the Artic? it looks like she mugged and eskimo for half her outfit .

    Xiromara -- it looks like she got some time off from The Grace Jones School of Modelling and Poses to attend the party ....

    Jenascia -- i actually like her hair and shoes , well love the shoes ... not sure about inbetween

    Mercedes -- wow !! certainly knocks the image of Commercial Girl off the shelf

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    Quote Originally Posted by MollyMalone
    Yoanna -- she is so white that Casper the Ghost is jealous. I so think that deep red color was the wrong thing to wear without borrowing some of Tyra tan lotion. (Maybe it was all spilt to get Tyras dress color)
    What is wrong with being white or pale??? I think that's one good side of her. She doesn't care if her skin is pale or tan; it's her natural skin. A lot of people damage their skin by booth tanning, tanning under the sun, and so on. It's not healthy. My cousin can sit under the sun for hours just to tan her skin. I hope she's not gonna get skin cancer and hope not for the rest of people who tan their skin, too. I'm sick of the way Hollywood represents those celebrities. Some of them were not born with skin like that, for god sake. :phhht Now it's time to go back to the real sh!t. Dark tone, light tone, medium tone...who cares! Real colors anyway.

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