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Thread: Congrats Yoanna!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    You said it! This isn't about popularity, it's not Miss America, these are professionals using their judgement to decide who they think can make it in the biz. It's great when your favorite does win, but I thought that this season the competion was so much better that I really would have been happy for any of the top 4 to win. I think that they were all that good.

    So true! I think that the judges have a much clearer idea of what is appropriate in the world of fashion. The average American may think "oh she's pretty" but that look may have no room in the modeling world. Some models I don't think are attractive but I understand why they are models.
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    congratulations yoanna. you truly deserve it. my girl almost got it but good job to u. u rock
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