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Thread: What Will You Miss Most About ANTM?

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    I'm with RyouBakura, I'm going to miss having gorgeous photos to look at the most! And talking with you fine people of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurotrash
    Bitter are we??
    If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him. - Anonymous

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    IM gonna miss the PHOTOSHOOTS, they were so beautiful and artistic this season...*sigh*

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    SoCal Fan
    I'm going to miss spending time with all of you on this forum; its been a lot of fun!

    See ya

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    anything camille said or did. it was a love/hate relationship for me.

    "i've waited not one, not two, but for six long months..."

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    About the show?

    I'll miss getting to know the cast of characters that make up the model mix.

    I'll DEFINITELY miss Janice D and her razor-sharp comments.

    I'll miss J Alexander, Jay Manuel (Queen of the Drama Divas that he is!) and Nole Marin and Mini.

    I'll miss the photoshoots.

    About this forum?

    Everything and EVERY ONE OF YOU!

    Can't WAIT for Season 3 . . . but guess I'll HAVE to!
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    I'll miss everything... except Shandi not winning, that is, because you don't see Adrienne everywhere... you see Elyse... hehehe!!

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    lol, I'm gonna miss:

    Mercedes' bubbly personality and her hilarious ass comments (was robbed by ANTM)

    April's robotic, but beautiful ways and also her S&M'n the [mod edit] out of Mercedes

    Jenascia's short, but funny ass

    Yoanna's qurikiness

    Camille's wonderful way of trying to make things better, but then actually making them worse (Not three but six months i cried, lol)

    Sara's way of just being down to earth and making the audience fall in love with her

    Catie's incessant crying

    Anna's holiness

    Shandi's b*tch ass boyfreind (so glad she didn't win, she needed more time to grow into her new self b4 being thrusted into the modeling world)

    Bethany bitchin about her fake boobs, then why the hell did you get them anyway

    Heather crying because they didn't give her a thourough makeover, lol

    Xiomara and her crack head signature runway walk, talk about frog eyes

    But what I'm really gonna miss are my four favrotie girls thoroughout the whole season: Mercedes, April, Sara, Jenascia, hopefully they will all make in the entertainment industry, let it be modeling or acting
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