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Thread: Benefits of Losing ANTM..

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    Benefits of Losing ANTM..

    is it just me or does it seem like losing may be a better option for the girls?

    in my research of the first season, elyse is doing way better than adrienne who they have shoved off to africa for some reason unknown to me. seems like she's not really doing any top model campaigns except for the ones she "won" on ANTM. elyse however is showing up everywhere and she has plenty of offers..

    i'm kinda hoping my favorites don't win this time..

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    Crystal Allen
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    I agree completely. As somebody posted on another thread, this is first and foremost a reality tv show and a model competition second. They are looking for somebody to win a contest, not just be the best possible model. My guess is that when women go to modeling agencies to try for representation, all they are judged on is whether or not they'd be successful models, not on how badly they want to be models or their 'personalities.' It certainly may help within the industry to gain a reputation to be easy to work with, but by and large my guess is a client would hire a model who looks the way he or she wants their model to look to best represent the product being sold. Adrienne edged out the others b/c she really really really wanted it and took direction well. Nobody could deny that Shandi would clearly be signed by any agency in NY, she has the figure closest to 'ideal model figure' but if she doesn't win it's because she 'doesn't want it enough.'

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    exactly.. i kind of feel sorry for the winner now..

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    i'm still really excited to watch it though!!!!
    lol i got smiley happy..

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    What Would Janice Do? littlecat's Avatar
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    From an online article, practically on the same wavelenghth as you!

    "..And the winner is?

    The real winner is all three, say both agents, who would hire the finalists in a heartbeat.

    Even though Alley thinks the girls are more one-trick ponies than jills of all trades, she believes they fit their niches well.

    "I'd have Shandi walking a Chanel show. Yoanna, she could model jewelry like there's no tomorrow. Mercedes, I'd try to slip in everywhere. I'd have her at a lot of live situations because I think her personality is wonderful."

    Only one girl gets to wear the mantle, however..."

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    exactly.. all three could do awesome in this business.. they don't even need the IMG contract now..

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    BluEyz, Elyse should have won, that's why she's doing better than the winner. What do you think? Don't tell me you like that Adrienne character?

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    i didn't watch the first one.. however from what i've seen and heard elyse should have been the winner

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    Is Elyse modeling a lot now? I haven't seen her, but then again I haven't been looking, so I'll be on the lookout now.

    Also, Kesse (I think that's her name) the Tyra look-a-like from last season is doing a lot of Target TV ads. Not high fashion, but I bet she's not doing a regular 9 to 5 job...

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    *grumblesaprilshouldabeenatlea sttop3andhatesthejudgesforputt ingherin4thwhichdoesntevengeta medalintheolympicsandrobinwas4 thlastyearwhichislike,atotalin sult!*

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