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Thread: Best Model

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    Best Model

    Being objective, who do you think is the best model. Not best looking, or best personality, or even who your favorite is. I would say Shandi and April, because I think they took the best pictures, and honestly, I think Shandi now has the best runway walk.

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    i think shandi is the best for runway stuff but i totally think sara would do great in si and vs

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    FORT Fogey ANTMrox's Avatar
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    Being objective (truly) April Wilkner of course. Good body, smooth skin, pretty, nice height, young versatile look

    Shandi for haute couture

    I guess that's the whole point of the show and now that April's out, Shandi should win
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    FORT Fogey Salome's Avatar
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    Best model for what? Overall, Yoanna. But Shandi rules her high-fashion and runway niche. (I want to see a good, long clip of Shandi's walk. She's obviously improved since the infamous second episode judging, but I want to know by how much.)

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    Shandi: From Fort Nerd To Elegant Beauty Takes Great Photographs Has a Excellent Run-Way Walk And Is a Real High Fashion Model I Think She'll Win

    I hear s When i see her.... I just wanted to Use that SMiley Sorry lol

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    april. i can't believe she got eliminated. i was so sure she was gonna win. now i think shandi is going to win.

    go mercedes!!

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    Today We Find Out!! Yay, Aren't You Guys Excited As POO?!

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    Best Model? That's easy: Catie Anderson

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    What Would Janice Do? littlecat's Avatar
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    IMO, of the remaining 3, i would say overall it would be MERCEDES, she has the greatest diversity/overlap even if the other 2 might be stronger in certain areas.
    plus i am totally not buying the argument that she isn't "high fashion;" that is something she can learn the same way shandi learned the walk.

    i am rooting in the following order though:
    1. shandi
    2. mercedes
    3. yoanna

    tough to call, isn't it?

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    OO right. Best model: April.


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