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Thread: Worst Photo of Each Remaining Contestant?

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    Shandi: Queench, Eve and Steve Madden are all horrible

    Mercedes: Queench and Steve Madden

    Yoanna: Queench

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    Yoanna- I don't remember Yoanna making a truly bad picture, so I guess I'll say the shoe ad since I can't even remember it.
    Shandi- I really didn't like her Eve picture at all, but the worst was the underwater ad....just terrible.
    Mercedes- the underwater ad was her worst also, with the sunglasses ad second worst.
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    Yoanna: Queench (Sorry Yoanna, but you really do look somewhat like a fetus.)
    Shandi: Beauty Shot (U-G-L-Y!)
    Mercedes: Steve Madden (Sorry, but you kind of look like a gay man trying to have some "sex appeal")

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