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Thread: Worst Photo of Each Remaining Contestant?

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    Shandi: Queench (Typical)
    Mercedes: Queench.. freaky. And, gorgeous as it may be,I didn't like the beauty shot, it reminded me waay too much of the Billie Holiday photo.
    Yoanna: Laundry. She's had better photos. Her Queench is oddly attractive to me..

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    Shandi- Hmmm... Queench, but her Eve is a close second.

    Mercedes- Queench.

    Yoanna- Laundry, but all of hers are pretty fabulous.

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    Shandi - Queench

    Mercedes - Steve Madden

    Yoanna - Celebrity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    Shandi's shoe shot was the best, I can't beleive you don't like it Frosty....Her one really bad shot is the underwater,,,,but I don't like that photo shoot at all, so I don't count it.
    Eww, I despise her SM ad. I don't get why some people like it.

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    For all three of the finalists, I don't like any of the Queench shots. They just came out baaad altogether. Mercedes looks sleepy, Shandi looks weird and Yoanna does look like a baby in a womb! But I must say, the underwater shoot looked like it was hard to do. Only April looked good in it and Sara looked okay. And neither of them vogued!

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    heh. this is the fun thread.

    Yoanna: Queench/Fetus pic her face didn't really stand out at all. it looked very soft, and the hair was all over the place. her hands are a little spastic looking, and overall, i just thought any other pose would have made her body look a lot better.

    Shandi: the Eve/Body Paint one she really didn't connect with the phoo. it almost looked as thought she didn't belong in it. her eyes were staring off into space, and the super-puff hair really just overwhelmed her more than anything.

    Mercedes: Queench the make-up is a wee-bit too drag queen, and the pose looks like she's literally drowning. and the dress is all puffy and ominous in the background, so....yes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMrox
    Queench for all 3.

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    Like Camille's Underwater Drag Queen... But Without the Fun Vogue
    Mercedes' underwater shot looks like someone drowned the drugged up illegitimate child of a drag queen and a clown prostitute. And that's being nice.

    Band Camp Reject
    Shandi's beauty shot had to be taken quickly, as the bell was about to ring and she had to get to her historical re-enactment classes. That is, once she finds her way out of that locker...

    America's Next Top Opium Addict
    This is a bit of a stretch, since I think everything Yoanna does should be bronzed. While her celebrity shot may look strikingly like Audrey Hepburn, the eyes... They scare me on so so many levels. They're everywhere. They haunt my nightmares.

    Help me.

    Seriously, she looks like the coffee-addled, eerily perky daughter of Katie Couric and Paige Davis.

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    eeek!!! paige davis?! NO! that woman is worse than a possessed furby. oi. no more paige davi reference,s that woman frightens me beyond belief.

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    Who's that? I've never heard of the lady.

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