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Thread: Adrianne is excited for the final episode...

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    Adrianne is excited for the final episode...

    Here is the last two messages Adrianne put in my guestbook, looks like she is excited to see the finale and is voting for Shandi and Yoanna. You can check her other updates here
    and in my guestbook

    March 9- I just got off a day long flight back from South Africa just now...I feel like living hell. Went to the UPN site to catch up one whats been happening on TopModel2....I love Shandi and Yoanna's pictures!!! I think Mercedes is pretty...but doesnt have what it takes against these two...Shandi just has it...and Yoanna photographs perfectly in every picture except the shoe ad. Good luck to the girls! As for ... (continues on about other things)

    March 21-
    So everyopne knows, I am months behind in my mail...and it may take a while to catch up...sorry. I'm interested in how the final episode of top model2 will play out...there has to be a twist in there somewhere. (continues on about other things)

    So Good Luck Yoanna and Shandi!

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    very cool mattio

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    Thanks for posting that, Mattio. This proves that we are all at the edge of our seats!!!

    <--stressed out SFG dying to know who wins it all
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    i thought adrienne was supposed to hate Yoanna....i think there was some controversy on some other boards.

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    Seriously Willow. She was calling her a *woman's private area*-rag & stuff.

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    This Is Going One Heck Of A Finale!!
    Noone Is Sure Who Is Going Win, This Is Tv Gold!

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    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

    *falls over back of chair*

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    <-----pees pants. Not in anticipation, but just because Im nasty like that.

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    haha ahhh i've been just waiting for tuesday.. it's like the highlight of this week

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    Hey Mattio, perhaps you know what the actual deal with Adrienne and Yoanna is? She posted a *VERY* nasty message on another website, and it was said that they had confirmed it was her, and that they had done interviews with her..... why is she now rooting for yoanna? the girl that she called a c*** rag?
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